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social media week website

When I read about Social Media Week 2012, I recalled hearing about SMW11 and so figured, WOW this is a few years old now, must be part of social media culture, best join in ;)

social media week website click throughs

I checked our own calendar and we had our very own “How to use LinkedIn” workshop scheduled for Thursday 16th February so best go add it to the calendar… check out the click throughs we got from the page… click image to see actual page, note single link half way down…

smw12 SNR Denton view

Took part in the #smwldn Official Opening Reception at SNR Denton’s offices in London, just near St Paul’s… in fact great view of St Paul’s from their top floor…

smw12 alphasphere

Great to see Adam rocking it up at the opening… first met him over at Techworld 2011, click image to read more… Adam and his pals don’t just play the Alphasphere but they invented it, created the reality and are looking for support in taking it to the next level… go connect…

smw12 St Paul's city view

Walking to the tube to make my way back to Waterloo and caught this great view…

smw12 social media dna

Two days later and I’m up in London at the Making Social Part of Your DNA conference… first to take the stage is JP from … great presentation, one of the best of the day and not a PowerPoint slide insight ;)

smw12 virgin atlantic

Being a Virgin to promoting ourselves across the Atlantic (or Pacific) it was very interesting to see the results of our own event… as usual we’d got our full house of 10 booked for the How to Use LinkedIn workshop in Windsor… as Fergus Boyd, Head of eBusiness, Virgin Atlantic was presenting I heard from Mark, presenting our LI workshop in Windsor, that we were plus 3… how’s that happened?

Turns out they had come via the social media week website… but we’d got no emails or notification and our deal with the hotel is based on attendees… teas, coffee, lunch, etc… bollocks!

smw12 how to use linkedin workshop

Friday hear from one attendee, workshop was great but how does the calendar work, he doesn’t want unexpected guest… explained that the LinkedIn events calendar was not the culprit but smw12 site had shared the event but not advised us who was interested… another attendee loved Mark’s professionalism but was concerned that one of the female SMW12 attendees was over stepping the mark by chatting too much… right, that does it, need to find out who these people are… why did I not get an email?

I logged into the site and spotted an area I hadn’t clocked before… phoned Mark, he was cool with the women, she was helping one of our paying attendees who kept asking her questions, so not her fault… advised him I’d been online and although 3 turned up it could have been 69!

The Social Media Week wordpress blog site had allowed 69 people to register interest in attending… brilliant, wish I’d know that before… but hey, perhaps they’d like to know more about our next event… or were they just interested to see what was posted out to potential attendees… or looking to get published on the attendee list… whatever the reason we could have caught a monster cold if they had all turned up looking for free training when we charge £175 + VAT for that particular workshop!

But we do now have a marketing list of potential interested parties… going to email them and ask what motivate them to register… hopefully they will share below… tarr very much if that’s you…

How was #SMW12 for me? Interesting, very interesting…

Jon Davey
01753 852904

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