Business Briefings

We have had the good fortune to work with many different organisations and two things have become abundantly clear:

1. Firstly, that all organisations are at very different stages of development when it comes to social media (and indeed their use of online marketing methods in general).

  • Many are just looking at social media for the first time, or are wondering how to get started with all of the information that is being thrown at them.
  • Others are looking for a coherent way to improve how they approach online marketing in general
  • Others are already using both some social media or online marketing but are interested in knowing more about using Twitter for business, improving their use of Linked In or perhaps weigh up the pros and cons of starting up a Pay Per Click campaign.

2. Secondly, we are in a fast moving environment where the landscape is ever changing and so it is increasingly difficult for internal teams to be able to keep up to date and make sure that they are getting the very best information and leverage from this powerful marketing area.

In each of these cases, they may not be ready for a full Social Media Workshop on a single area but do want their key people to have the chance to have a briefing on the areas they are interested in so that they can better evaluate their options.

This is where our Business Briefings come into play – run over an hour or two hours according to requirements, they give you the chance to get up to date information on the area you are interested in and the opportunity to ask the questions you need answering to a specialist in the field.

To discuss the opportunity further please contact

Jon Davey
Social Media Director
01753 852904

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