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Social Media Directors have been running LinkedIn workshops for 18 months and have created a very polished presentation format that seems to be addressing most of the questions that people have regarding this incredibly powerful customer relationship management solution.

With over 130,000 business men and women registered within a 10 mile radius of our Windsor office, there will be thousands more thinking, “I really need to know more about that LinkedIn that everyone is talking about!”

We’d like to speak to those who are willing and able to value their training so we can offer our How to Use LinkedIn for Business workshop.

A few of those who have attended our workshops have added their comments and testimonials to our Social Media Directors blog, please review and contact me, Jon Davey on 01753 852904.

We would particularly like to talk to Associations and Business organisations that would like to gather their members together for a workshop, tailored around your specific industry.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Jon Davey
Social Media Director
01753 852904

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