Social Media Competition for Windsor EXPO

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Social Media Competition for Thames Valley Business EXPO Windsor 13th June 2013… join in the fun if you can drive attendees… obviously just sit back and watch the pros if you’re a light weight ;)

thames valley business exp

Calling Windsor business owners and those planning on attending The Thames Valley Business EXPO… news just in… an opportunity for you to shine in more ways than ONE!

When you attend an exhibition the organisers will hand you a goodie bag as you enter. Mostly full of flyers from exhibitors who have paid for their insertion into the bag… well now is your chance to have your flyer or goodie placed in the bag for FREE… yippee, something for nothing… almost.

The EXPO is on the 13th June and we want to get as many business people as possible registered sooner rather than later… as we stand around 275 are registered to attend, an excellent number 6 weeks out. It would be great to see 500+ pre-registered before the big day…

A goodie bag can only contain a certain number of items… 20 flyers + 5 goodies would make for an excellent gift for the businesses that attend. To make choosing whose flyers & goodies go in the bag fair, we need to run a competition.

What we can monitor is registrations… so it’s a very straightforward competition… those that drive the most registrations get to shine the brightest ;)

• Registrations who say you recommended them score you 20 points
• Tweets containing #WindsorEXPO score 1 point, RTs 2 points
• LinkedIn Updates #WindsorEXPO score 2 points, likes 3 points

I can search Twitter & LinkedIn easily for the #WindsorEXPO, Facebook is not so straight forward but use it and other social media and digital marketing channels, like your newsletter, as registrations introduced by you count 20 points.

Obviously, if you WIN you’ll need to provide a minimum of 500 goodies or flyers…

So let’s get this party started… cut off date is Monday 3rd June 2013… registrations will be counted and verified and the TOP 20 winners made aware of their contribution to the event. The official announcement will be on the day and the actual winner celebrated throughout!

You can register via the link at the top of the EXPO website…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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Corporate sales & marketing people don’t need polished LinkedIn profiles

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It never ceases to amaze me how many profiles of corporate sales & marketing people on LinkedIn simply have a job title and nothing more. I’m not sure if its ignorance or arrogance that is leading the way… I don’t think a survey will give us the answer to that one ;)

Anyone in business today who is looking for new opportunities (for them to generate more business) and not using LinkedIn is neglecting a massive data source… one that most progressive business men and women will keep up to date… not with just a title but a summary 150 – 500 words around what it is they are doing… or better still, the type of clients they are looking to engage with.

linked training

If you are not using LinkedIn much and know you should but feel nervous about that very first step, then you need to speak to my good friend Mark White… he runs excellent training courses for people just like you. He has a corporate background in the Sales & Marketing space, training his teams and so knows how to pitch just at the right level to whatever audience engages him to deliver a workshop. will tell you more…

I guess many fear to boost their profiles just in case one of their managers spots it and assumes they are looking for a new job… my view is sales people are missing out on great lead opportunities if they don’t share their brilliance with the world through LinkedIn.

Many users will use it as a first point of call when researching a solution to a problem… I know I do… those who have made their profiles fuller and added content of interest grab my attention.

Those that haven’t firstly are invisible and if I do come across them, I assume they are either too lazy or too busy blowing wind & playing politics for me to make the effort.

TOP sales people make use of every channel as best they can.

Get it sorted and if you don’t know how, give Mark a bell…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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What do you get when you blend Yahoo, Starbucks, social media & a Sleepy Skunk?

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A brilliant insight into the modern world of job interviews, highs, lows, perceptions & heightened egos… If a sleepy skunk knows you’ve “crashed and burned” then wake up and smell the coffee Mr Interviewee, you’re in Starbucks but you ain’t gunna be a star, better save that buck for the tram home dude ;)

the sleepy skunk

Just watching the Big ReUnion gig on TV and thought I’d check responses to my recent auto tweets… I do love those little chaps pinging notes out around the world just waiting for an insightful response. Today I wasn’t disappointed, The Sleepy Skunk responded and I read his timeline… what fun, listening into an interview at the next table…

This is how all Social Media Director interviews should be conducted… the comments tweeted and the best candidate gets the most RTs… enjoy this timeline and go show The Sleepy Skunk your appreciation by following him on Twitter and telling him what movies you’d like to see next…

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Sitting at a Starbucks and there’s a big job interview right behind me and it’s going horribly wrong! cc @katerbland

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
It’s to be a social media director with Yahoo! The guy was giving out ace answers but now he just repeated one of them… twice.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Inappropriate comment made about facebook being for teenagers or adults “who don’t have a life”. That was followed by an awkward silence.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Oh shit, she’s wrapping it up already but now he’s got prepared questions and is insisting on them.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
“What are the top ten things that you are looking for in an ideal candidate?” he says. She looks like she needs someone to help her escape

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
He now turned his question into an answer and is rambling about “the glory days of email spam”. She just looked at her watch.

My auto-tweet kicks in… Jonathan L Davey SMD ‏@2020socialmedia 1h
@sleepyskunk Are you looking for a Social Media Director? Take a look at

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
@2020socialmedia No Jonathan. I am live-tweeting a brutal interview happening right next to me in a Starbucks downtown Toronto, Canada.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Oh shit, he just asked if he can work from home and she said she doesn’t believe in that. The last pin in the coffin!

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Now he sounds completely oblivious to the fact that she has no interest in his answers. The dude is interviewing himself.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
They’re talking about YouTube now. He just brought up the the April Fools prank about shutting down all videos and how he fell for it.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 57m
It’s a wrap! She just left and he’s sitting there alone playing on his phone.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 53m
He’s now talking to his buddy saying he nailed the interview. I thought tweeting about this would be funny, but now it’s just sad.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 52m
Being a social media director at Yahoo… that’s like trying to pick up girls at an undergrad keg party when you’re 50.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 51m
He didn’t say that by the way, that was my personal thought on the position itself.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 51m
Feeling a bit depressed now… tough world out there.

BRILLIANT… cheery up stinky!

Thank you for great content for my first story for April.


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Come on Dan Jacobs enthuse me

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We cornered the founder of, Dan Jacobs, at his buzzing office in the hub of start-up Shoreditch to find out more about him, the team and the background of hot new website, which invites you to create an elegant one-page profile showcasing the things that best show-off your expertise.

This office is very on-trend, minimalist and very start-up! Looking around the team seems young, fresh and vibrant, however Dan has been in the industry for a while so can you tell us more about yourself.

Dan: Yes thank you the office look and feel is clean and elegant like the website. It helps that some of the best organic coffee & cake shops are also around the corner. On a serious note I have 18 years experience working in technology, operations, product management and general management roles in companies such as, IDT Global, LineOne, Delphi Internet.

As an entrepreneur, I have also worked in many successful start-up and early stage businesses as well as on new product launches. I’m also a passionate advocate of vegetarianism, having given talks on the subject and more importantly, I make a mean veggie lasagne!

Why did you decide to launch

Dan: Being a longtime web worker and consumer, I have followed the trend of people selling their products, services and skills online very carefully. I came to the conclusion that a lot of websites that help you sell yourself in one way or another are missing a key component, which is that we are all individual and bring something unique to the table. Examples of this would be people that sell their products on ebay or their time on a freelancer site like elance or services on mybuilder or other vertical sites. They are all good in their own way but often their product or service becomes a commodity i.e. the purchaser is deciding on price and time to deliver as opposed to who is behind it.

I wanted to create a site that really allows each individual to show themselves off as an artisan, you could be an artisan plumber or an artisan tax advisor, the point is that each person brings something unique and special and we want to highlight that.

How is helping people to sell their products and services in a unique way?

Dan: Initially the site is a place to show yourself off, you can pick the best pieces of content and examples of your work that gives people a really great sense of your individuality. In the future we will add the ability for you to sell your time, services and products through your profile and within a market place on the website.

Speaking to the developers here they all seem very passionate about the various areas on the site – the A List, social media buttons etc. What is your favourite part of the website?

Dan: I think the product as a whole is my vision, which is the combination of great existing content, new content like our Insights feature which asks you to give a snippet of insight into your expertise and our social presence module which highlights your social stats in one place. The overall package gives the end reader a really great sense of what you can do and how you do it.

The site has only been available in beta for a few months and you already have a strong user base, what type of people have you got signed up?

Dan: I am astonished at the wide spectrum of users we have with profiles – we have actors, photographers, students showcasing their work, stylists, home-working moms, small businesses and even an etiquette expert. Of course we also have lots of techies and designers who are great early adopters.

The online space is rapidly changing and I am sure the site has a lot in store for the near future, can you give us a sneak preview of what we can expect to see in the next twelve months?

Dan: Our dav team are innovation hungry and we have a large feature pipeline based on user-feedback. Within the next three months we will be introducing some classic social networking components suck as connect with (follow) other ‘experts’, and notifications. We’re also bringing in the ability host and contribute to discussions around ‘insights’ and later some of the transactional features such as allowing users to sell their time, products and services through the site.

The beauty about is that we are fanatical about building around our users feedback. We listen and then create. I’d like to welcome everyone to share their thoughts with us on our twitter account, Facebook page and if all else fails email me at

Twitter: @enthusedotme

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Twitter trainers building walls around their ivory towers!

on 7 March, 2013 1 comment so far -

I’m loving using auto-tweets on Twitter to say hello to new people who say something relevant to my world… but some twitter trainers prefer to build walls around their ivory towers to avoid actual real time social media engagement! They must be from the marketing department ;)

Most recipients of my auto-tweets obviously don’t respond, they just click through to the articles, scan them and continue on their life journey…

Of those that respond, 80% are positive and happy to make a new acquaintance… but there are 20% who throw some form of negative response back. I assume they attended a Twitter course run by a marketing person who hates the thought of actually having a proper conversation, they’d much rather keep their distance and position some marketing spiel as thought leadership instead.

Me, I come from a sales background and enjoy the banter of real life conversations. I love it when someone has an opposite opinion but is solid enough in their belief that they can have a proper conversation about it… but it does annoy me when some Twitter Negative Twit (TNT) throws over a “You can’t spam me with your stuff ‘cos I know way more than you about engagement. I’m in Marketing and have a degree don’t you know!”

Yawn, yawn… it’s not so much their comment, it’s when they block me from responding back… they throw over the dynamite and then build a wall quick, just in case they might get an intelligent response back that they’d have to deal with.

I’ll lock and load a few of those responses later, need to go put the tea on before the Mrs gets back and there’s another explosion ;)

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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Prepare to be AMAZED… the perfect accessory for those that get things done…

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This morning I received a surprise gift in the post, it made me laugh and so it felt very appropriate to shoot a video of something amazing for your viewing pleasure…

First off, the video introduction… prepare to be amazed…

Which is then followed by the process in action… boosting your social media influence…

OK, so if I was a video editor then I could blend the two together but I’m not, so let’s have 2 videos and therefore 2 opportunities to bump into like minded folk ;)

In summary, for those who would rather read than enjoy the videos. If you want to maximise your social media influence then use auto-tweets to engage with those on Twitter, encouraging them to comment on your blog… if the topic is interesting, as you generate more tweets this will result in more comments and thus increase the relevance of the page, ensuring it flies high on the search engines.

Here are three easy steps to take, following on from watching the videos:

Firstly… go buy stuff for all those amazing people in your life!

Secondly… add your comment to our measuring social influence blog post…

Thirdly… call me and let’s work out how I can help you shine a little brighter and have more influence in your world.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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