Seth Godin’s blog falls behind UK Marketing leader

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When it comes to media experience there are few with the breadth of experience that Will Corry of The Marketing Blog, currently leading Seth Godin’s blog in Google’s top 10 for a search of; marketing blog… ketchup Seth ;)

Will has extensive experience in building traditional marketing publications as MD of Thomson Publications in South Africa… in more recent times he created The Marketing Blog and with almost 100,000 pages indexed by Google he always has a great story to tell and is often invited to make speaking engagements to educate us mere mortals ;)


The Marketing Blog promotes many of the UK exhibitions, driving visitors to boost the attendance. Will maintains the attention of senior Marketing professionals across the UK by ensuring his blog always contains a variety of interesting content, engaging with his readers and ensuring great click through rates.

The Marketing Blog has become our 2nd sponsor of the UK Social Media Business Awards 2012 and will decide the title of their Award after a Christmas spent down under with his family.

Enjoy the latest edition of The Marketing Blog…

Thank you.

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UK Social Media Business Awards Organiser
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