Is it the Re-Tweet process or the Re Tweet count that is important?

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Recently it became very apparent that increasing folk are doing a bunch of re-tweeting. Obviously Twitter, looking to exceed the floatation values of LinkedIn and GroupOn combined, would like you to re-tweet until the cows come home.

According to a major burger chain that is unlikely as they have a new recipe which is based on home grown stock rather than African imports ;)

I have posed a question on LinkedIn asking for feedback on What’s your over riding attitude to the re-tweeting of others tweets?

BUT this survey misses the most important point… I put it to you that the re-tweeting process is not what is important, it is the visual impact a story has if it has been re-tweeted that matters.

A page showing 2 re-tweets makes you go “Well!” in a sympathetic way… a page that says 2000 re-tweets makes you go “WELL!!!” these guys are like way popular, I must get to know them ;)

I guess you could add a zero to your invoice if you rock the re-tweet world?

Go compare our LinkedIn event, now has 6 shares on LinkedIn, so looking a little more important than it did with 2, with those re-tweets over at Mashable.

Even if people like what we do, which they do, they may be unsure how to use the “share” button… we’d best ensure we teach our workshop attendees using our event promotion page button ;)

They also may not feel motivated to join in such a small re-tweeting gang… not even a gang, just a few appreciative folk…

Social Media Directors retweets

While over at Mashable they have a bunch of stories that are being redistributed around the planet every second of every day, with “likes”, “shares” and “re-tweets” coming out of their ears… if 100+ have liked something then you’d better make sure you do too, if you want to be “in with the in crowd” that is…

Mashable retweeting

Is there a playground theme running through all this?

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Thank you.


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