How Often Should You Post On Facebook?

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“How often should you post on Facebook?” asks David Verchere over at

Only a week ago he was celebrating making the NYTM List – Internet Made In NYC. New York Tech Meetup, with over 18,000 members, representing professionals from all parts of the New York technology community added PostHelpers to it’s list of great companies and projects being conceived and managed and funded in NYC.

Now that’s something to add to his wall posts on Facebook and I’m guessing he has.

My take and therefore summary of his summary of research is:

  • if you post to your Facebook wall every day you are more likely to be picked up by the guys and gals who write the news for the publications and become more famous than you are right now.
  • Writing Facebook wall posts less than once a week is like so lame you may as well not bother.
  • Ensure the things you add to your Facebook wall are interesting and original so as to be worthy of sharing with fans of fans and one day you’ll get an Oscar and be worth a million dollars…

Well, with the exchange rate set to go through the roof you may need 4 zillion to be worth a million ;)

His presentation makes for good reading on How often should you post on Facebook and I added this story to SMD to shine a light on David Verchere to say thank you for contributions to our Social Media Directors LinkedIn Group and to highlight the way the American’s celebrate their innovators… in the UK we need more of that…

Oh, yeah, I also wanted to fly higher on Google for the search How often should you post on Facebook than he is… the child in me shining through!

Thank you

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