Email Marketing is looking like a MOOD THING

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I am currently running a survey on LinkedIn to find out which emails folk are most likely to read… there are five choices and the most popular at the moment is all to do with the mood we are in.

So how do you make sure people are in the mood for your email? I guess one of the best ways is to be consistently interesting… we don’t want to read about how fabulous someone is all the time, we want to learn something new or be entertained in some way…

depends what mood im in

If you would like to join in our survey, click here… thank you.

So we’d best learn you in an entertaining way then…

This is why in 2012, I am launching the Social Media Competition and Awards Dinners… we’re starting by running an Awards Dinner every quarter, somewhere in the UK… then we’ll roll out Internationally as we get the rhythm right…

The Awards Dinners will have at least 20 Awards each, all determined by the sponsors and the winners selected from the quarterly pot of entrants who can join in for just £20.12 +VAT… all they need provide is a short video, 500 words and up to 6 images which we then display on our web pages… the sponsors will review all the entrants… or the one’s they are in the mood to look at ;)

The aim is to be fun, bring some positively to the doom and gloom the UK media keep spewing out and allow great business ideas to shine so that others can copy or contact the social media campaign creators and ask them to help them shine…

When a buyer is looking for a supplier in 2012 they’ll be looking to the Internet to find great ideas… be part of our Social Media Competition and Awards Dinners and you will massively increase your chances of being found by someone who needs just what you’ve got…

Thank You

Jon Davey
Social Media Awards Organiser
01753 852904

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