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The best social media recruiters for London

on 5 October, 2012 No comments as yet -

Finding the best recruiters to find you the best jobs in London, doesn’t necessarily mean they live in London. Some will, some will prefer the countryside, some a northern town.

I live in the world of social media… I have helped clients for years understand the how’s, what’s and why’s around online marketing.

• How to make best use of emails?
• How to drive traffic to your website?
• How to engage with social media?
• What is social media?
• What is LinkedIn?
• What do I do if… ?
• Why should I bother with this new fangled stuff?
• Why is the world round?
• And why can’t you just do it?

The world changes and you take time to reflect on what skills you now have…

Today Cilla, I’m going to be…

After 47 year’s on the planet I’ve got a wealth of experience… far too vast to plonk down on two pages of a CV, which is what recruiters want to make a decision that could impact the rest of my life…

2 fecking pages… well of course that’s a whole load of baloney… but them are the rules… sorry, them were the rules… I just decided to make a few changes.

My job in looking for a job is to show those who could earn a few quid commission out of placing me with their client, what I do best…

What I do best is create communities… I am someone who helps others create their vision… that other someone is ready, willing and able to pay me for my energy and abundant enthusiasm for whatever I get my teeth into.

Being a professional, interested more in the B2B space than selling cosmetics… a good place to start would be to find recruiters who can help me… and then keep them informed of what I am thinking and doing… probably a good idea to create a group for recruiters and candidates on LinkedIn.

So I have and you can find it here…

The idea is to attract people like me to post their CVs so that recruiters can find them jobs… but what’s going to attract the recruiters to attract the people like me?

I need 10 recruiters… so job 1 is to find those recruiters who feel motivated to join in.

Why would someone who is seriously well connected join the group? Because others have joined and they don’t want to miss out on some high calibre new candidates for their top clients… that would be an opportunity wasted and you don’t waste opportunities do you?

But when starting a group there is no-one home… so why would you join? Well if you’re an old dog you’ll not bother, you’ll come back when there is more action… but if you recognise the leader of the group as someone with potential you might take that leap of faith, will you?

If you are a new kid on the recruitment block with enthusiasm then you will join in because you want to be busier than you are right now and so have nothing to loose.

My job is simply to invite those involved in social media recruitment in London to join the group… who joins… you decide!

Then when I have 10, I will switch my focus to candidates, as the recruiters automatically head towards 20… this is community foundation building in real time.

I’m a couple of days in and we have already had 2 of the best social media recruiters for London join the group… why are they the best… because they have taken the time to join my group… which means I will help them become more famous than they are right now which will ultimate lead them to be the best of the best… it’s that simple ;)

You’d best go say hello to them and the others…

Take that leap of faith ;)

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An Ode to Social Media Engagement & Mother Earth #MYPOEM

on 4 October, 2012 1 comment so far -

Today, 4th October is National Poetry Day #MYPOEM and so it seemed only fitting to scribble a little ditty to celebrate social media, how it makes us engage and how we need to use it to make a better world for our children’s, children’s, children.

Social Media Engagement Poem

Social media, social media, social media
How you draw me to engage
Something in the media triggers my interior
Creating such a rage, I have to put something on a page

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter
How you make me witter
This, that and the other makes me want to shudder
But limited to 140 characters it doesn’t give me any rudder

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook
How’s my makeup ;)
Friends sharing happy memories, some celebrating celebrities
Being careful not to upset Green Peace or they’ll have a bean feast

LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn
Now we’re talking & connecting
Strangers come and say hello
Make a friend & not a foe

Google+, Google+, Google+
You know you’re an absolute must
Everyone can be spinning in circles
Or hanging out waiting for turtles

YouTube, YouTube, YouTube
Help me get my message on world news
Talking pictures make us smile
And others share them for a while

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest
How quickly you’re picking up interest!
Stick a pin in it to show the world you love it
Then just let them share it, who knows who might buy it

Engagement, engagement, engagement
Social media forces a commitment
Whatever the arrangement, the platforms don’t matter
People are talking & having a natter

What’s next, what’s next, what’s next?
Just round the corner another platform is dawning
We need to change of course, but what is its warning
The planet is warming and we need to BE COOL!

Go visit

And share your own poems with us below (as a comment) or use #MYPOEM in a tweet and we’ll pick it up… let’s enjoy sharing positive words with each other today…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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Successful social media engagement starts with sharing…

on 3 October, 2012 No comments as yet -

Seminar: Seven Secrets of Successful Online Networking. Speaker: Jon Davey Social Media Directors and Social Media Personality of the Year Event: Woking Means Business Exhibition Time: 1pm Venue: H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre Room: Kemp Room

seven secrets of successful online networking

… why LinkedIn isn’t working 100% for you, and how to fix it!

Whether you’re just launching your business into cyberspace, or you’re a signed-up member of every social network across the Galaxy, today you’ll discover how to fire up the hyperdrive and ‘do the business’ at warp speed on Linked In, the Universe’s Number One business network. Your ‘Captain Kirk’ for this mission is Jon Davey of Social Media Directors – accomplished online communicator and all-round ‘Top Gun’! Strap in tight – this will be quite some ride…

Places are strictly limited. Please arrive in good time to ensure your seat. As these are free sessions, everyone who pre-books does not attend so places are cannot be guaranteed.

Go book your seats for the FREE seminars…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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Social Media Recruitment Agency London

on 1 October, 2012 No comments as yet -

If I was just a mere Social Media Director looking for work, I’d simply go on the job boards and look for appropriate roles, sign up for emails and fill in the application forms as they landed. #SMJLDN

But, for a mongrel like me, the social media recruitment agency in London would run my application through the filter system, a red flag would be raised, a siren sound and the CV would be immediately turned to dust.

Why? Because it just isn’t perfect… I only scored 97% and only 99% will do in 2012… Do you know how many social media people are looking for work???

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RESPECT Your Social Media Community Managers #RESPECTsmcm

on 28 September, 2012 No comments as yet -

I’ve been engaging online since 1999 and started by first social media community in 2002… in the form of an email newsletter and I putting a shout out for companies to RESPECT Your Social Media Community Managers #RESPECTsmcm

You might say “What you on about? Social media wasn’t around in 2002 old timer!” And you’d be right, but also a little rude… I’m not that old… is not like I’m 50 or something… trsshhh… I’m a young wiper snapper at a mere 47 ;)

Obviously I’d respond by saying that we didn’t call it social media… that happened when technology allowed us to communicate 2 ways on a single platform… prior to that happening we could respond “socially” by picking up the phone and commenting on the email newsletter, as many did… or simply hitting reply and making your feelings felt…

I’m currently looking for part-time Social Media Community Manager roles that I can blend together… communities need attention each day but they may not need full time engagement. I have a 2.5 day a week opportunity that is looking good, should get signed off shortly but that leaves more time in the kitty. Another 2.5 days would be great, that would then allow 2 days around my own community which needs a slight rudder adjustment.

The way I have approached business for the last 13 years has been based on bashing on doors, looking for projects with companies directly, mostly in the SME market place… trouble is they are feeling the financial pressures of life and require INSTANT results on any spend… so the slow burn needs to be funded by bigger pockets.

This has led me down a path of finding agencies to work with and therefore searching the job pages, working out the job title that best describes what I can bring… of which there appears to be many… but my favourite is Social Media Community Manager.

Then when you read spec of what is expected and the salary band, it reminds me of how so many businesses put the least experienced people on reception and then when people phone in, the first impression might not be the greatest…

So you have your social media community which means that for many, the first engagement with an organisation could well be reading the message of a friend with a link to a page on the community where there’s a great conversation going on… perhaps a couple of folk are picking on the community manager who has just joined the company on £20k and is expected to go straight into the fray and sort it out…

Get real… £20k works for someone who is living at home and only needs beer money but how the chuff do you expect a grown up with life experience & responsibilities to be attracted to the job?

A Social Media Community Manager has to command the respect of those around them and be able to work out what direction to go in which will keep the community engaged… if you’re talking computer games or those new fangled rhythms then I get using a young person would make sense…

But if you are looking to create a serious business community which will attract and retain key influencers in your market place then please, think carefully and offer a grown up salary of around £50k pro-rata if you want the job done properly.

Show a little RESPECT for your Social Media Community Managers #RESPECTsmcm.

A couple of days ago I wrote an article entitled “Social Media and Community Manger” as I see that as the hot phrase for someone searching for someone like me (I feel a song coming on!)

The space is hot with the recruitment sites and top agencies flying at the top of Google… for this phrase you might be willing to click through to page 2, maybe 3 to find what you are looking for…

I couldn’t find myself on the first 6 pages so had to bring in some bigger guns…

Yesterday I bought and pointed it directly at the story… then set up a couple of auto tweets which included the link and are set to listen out for mentions of “social media” AND “community manager”…

We’re now 8th on page 4 of Google… and climbing… the tweet has been re-tweeted scoring more credibility points… give it a few days and we’ll be at the party ;)

Do you need any help with this stuff or do you have it sorted?

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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FutureMedia : ‘What happens next in Content’

on 27 September, 2012 No comments as yet -

Now in its 13th year FutureMedia is about ‘what happens next in content’. We are looking for case studies from the digital frontier, the most compelling digital speakers, thinkers, producers, to join panels or present keynotes on how the converged content business continues to develop.

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