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LinkedIn endorsements measuring social influence. Do you love them or feel stalked?

on 27 November, 2012 No comments as yet -

Yesterday morning I counted my LinkedIn endorsements and I had 398… and being highly intelligent and a bit of a maths genius, I worked out 2 more and I’d be on 400 LinkedIn endorsements, 3 and I’d be 400+… I know, like I said, a genius ;)

But should we be taking these things seriously? And how many LinkedIn endorsements is just one too many? New stalking regulations coming in could see some mad blondes being locked up for just one click too many!

linkedin endorsements social media sarah berrington

I had to smile when Sarah went click-tastic, adding a bunch of endorsements, taking me over the 400 and providing me with a great angle for today’s blog… cheers m’dear…

I asked a question of my Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group a couple of weeks ago “OK so what do YOU think of the new LinkedIn endorsements?” click and read the responses on the LI Group, alternatively I have added the threads below.

Ian Moyse who has thousands of endorsements, making my 400+ look a little wanting… pointed out that rumour has it that LinkedIn endorsements will form part of your search measure as they roll the platform forward.

But as Andrew points out… and I played on… one too many clicks from a stranger can make us feel like our privacy has been invaded.

I think, as with all things, we all have levels of need on one side and tolerance on the other… where we feel most balanced is unique to us and we should celebrate that uniqueness.

By way of a thank you to Sarah for making that timely extra click, ensuring she made the news today… and to celebrate her uniqueness, can you go give her a click, just the one, to show her you care and that 13 can be lucky for some (her current number of endorsements)…

Tell you what, how about I start by adding one called “Humor” for all those that would like to join in but don’t know her that well and would be freaked out in trying to make a choice that wasn’t legitimate on some level… marvellous… obviously I had to go with the American spelling… that’s funny ;)

Have a nice day… and please be careful who you endorse!

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

OK so what do YOU think of the new LinkedIn endorsements?

Jason Lewis • Not sure how the endorsements are going to make any difference.. It’s more of a gigdet to get people looking at more profiles which is ok but I can’t see it landing me that dream event I’ve always wanted to plan. Its pretty much as good as “liking” stuff on facebook..

Geoff Winstanley ACMA • I believe Jon has raised a good point here re the endorsements area of LinkedIn – I have had difficulty amending the sequence in my own profile and am not even sure if all have been correctly allocated to the correct skill?

Sian Perham • Jon, a great question you ask. I had not really thought to question then purpose or benefit of them I must admit, but I love your idea of adding ‘softer’ skills for people to endorse!

Carlie Cohen • Interesting thread here Jon. It’s certainly flattering when you do receive these endorsements, however I received an email this morning from someone for skills that aren’t on my list – or skills that I’ve ever professed to have. They’ve not shown up on my profile so I’m guessing that this system isn’t completely without its glitches. Must say that after reading your comments, ‘Immense enthusiasm’ should definitely be added on to your list….

Jon Davey • Brilliant Carlie… you’d best go endorse it ;)

Jason Lewis • I do ask questions of myself when a former colleague endorses you for 1 skill and not a couple of others.. Possibly due to the little endorsing banners that pop up rather than visiting my page I guess… or hope…

Jon Davey • But if they did jason your “panel” would be all straight lines… no good for a top event dude… you need to make it more spangily ;)

Christopher Watkin • They dont have power of reccomendations, but still a some something nice about them .. Endoresments on Linkedin are bit like ‘Diet Reccomendations’

David Cardno • I think they give some reassurance to clients and I agree it is a surprise to get a skill endorsed you haven’t chosen yourself… I’m now seeing recommendations as “extreme endorsements”…

David Willis • I like the Linkedin endorsements; they’re a good way to establish some credibility with people wanting to find out more about you!

I think it’s important to only endorse where you have experienced someone’s skill – so being selective on those skills you endorse will ultimately increase credibility both ways.

Would you have expected Jon to score highest for email marketing? High yes, but I was expecting to see social media to be top dog. Why? Perhaps being noted for social media and social media marketing has reduced the overall prominence.

It may be worth keeping your list of skills short and focused to make it easy for endorsers to help you!

It’ll be interesting to see how there use and influence develops….

Mary Flavelle • I was blown away by the new Linked In endorsements. Right in your face how many people have said something worthwhile about you. How could you not be flattered by something like that. Thank you all for making me feel special. I love Davaid’s thinking on recommendations being ‘extreme’.

Ian Moyse ☁☁ • Rumour is that linked in is going to use the endorsements as a metric to where your profile appears in search results !

Jon Davey • Looks like you might be at the top… thought I was doing well with 272 ;)

Andrew Cox • My preference ideally would be to receive endorsements from colleagues or better still customers. I’ve had a weird experience this week where a US based lady appears to have clicked & endorsed me for every catagory on LinkedIn, feels like I’ve been spammed!!

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Social Media Christmas Competition 2012

on 21 November, 2012 No comments as yet -

Social Media Christmas Competition 2012. We’re keeping this simple… 3 categories… 12 business days to vote… closes Friday 7th December 12pm and the WINNERS will be announced the following week… YOU can only enter once… you can sponsor all 3 categories…

We’d like to say thank you for taking 2 minutes out of your day to vote by making you a little more famous than you are right now ;) What have you got that others will wanna win?

For many year’s Google has been king of search, allowing you to find what you are looking for… if you know what you want! Today, I would like to suggest that Google makes total sense if what you are looking for is some new shoes… and if you know the actual shoes then you can find the best price… and if you prefer actual shops, you can use the maps to find the location of the shop with the best offline price that maybe 50 miles away but hey, it’s cheaper! You get the idea…

But the best social media community I am aware of, tell me if I’m wrong, for finding intelligent professional people who can offer you solutions to your business problems… problems that may have some similarities but will be varied and unique in their detail… that social media community is obvioulsy LINKEDIN…

So having a Social Media Christmas Competition that focus on LinkedIn makes total sense… and if I’ve learned anything about competitions it’s to keep it simple… so how about 3 categories and 12 days to vote… prizes will be determined by those who choose to sponsor it… let’s have a gadget show approach and anyone voting can offer a prize if they wish and they will aggregate up as we go… ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas ;)

You don’t have to vote for all 3 categories… just 1 if that’s all you want to vote for… tell us who are you’re WINNERS in 2012

Your Details

First Name
My LinkedIn Profile

1. Best LinkedIn Group

Group Name
LinkedIn Web Address
Group Owner LI Profile
Currently sponsored by:
Social Media Directors, innovators in community engagement : Bringing you recognition for a job well done
I’d like to sponsor this category and offer:

2. Most Influential Business Person “Thought Leader” on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile
Currently sponsored by:
Social Media Directors, innovators in community engagement : Bringing you recognition for a job well done
I’d like to sponsor this category and offer:

3. Best Offline Events run by a LinkedIn Group

Group Name
LinkedIn Web Address
Event I attended
Group Owner LI Profile
Currently sponsored by:
Social Media Directors, innovators in community engagement : Bringing you recognition for a job well done
I’d like to sponsor this category and offer:

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This is YOUR 4 Minute Warning!

on 21 November, 2012 No comments as yet -

4 Minute Warning – Only one thing is certain: This climate of Digital Revolution. Disruptive forces require businesses to quickly adapt to customers’ needs, pro-actively connect with your audience, and create breakthrough experiences that get the most out of rich, emerging technologies. Where do you go to look for inspiration?

This event is designed to give you the tools to identify the key developments likely to overwhelm and bust the existing business models that govern marketing and media businesses.

Organiser: The Drum
Date: Wednesday 5th December
Times: 8.45am till 6.30pm
Venue: The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, 1 Siemens Brothers Way, London, E16 1GB

To book: Go to

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Social Media Speaker for London Conferences

on 15 November, 2012 No comments as yet -

Are you looking for a social media speaker for your conference in London, someone who will give a little thought to your audience and try and pitch accordingly? Call Jon Davey on 01753 852904 and discuss your requirements.

Good social media speakers are hard to find… especially devishly handsome ones ;) Enjoy…

Jon Davey is a Community Manager aka Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences who is ready, willing and able to come to a venue near you and help your people see the light. Social Media is here to stay and so you & yours can’t ignore it any longer. Pitched at a level your people will understand, Jon will speak about social media and how you can’t ignore its waves crashing on the beach… you have to get in the water and work out the tides and currents for yourself so you can ultimately add value to your business.

This video was shot at The Sustainability Supply Chain Forum 2012 conference at The Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street and produced by Hanif Khan of Video Shoot Productions who, as you can see, gave the presentation of the information some serious consideration and edited accordingly… call him on 0207 193 9005.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Director of Aspiration Customer Experiences
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
Social Media Directors
01753 852904

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Building engaging LinkedIn Groups : The Community MATRIX

on 10 November, 2012 No comments as yet -

When I launched Social Media Directors at the end of 2009 my vision was for the website to feature many Social Media Directors… that was a time when the term social media was just appearing on radar in the USA… today Social Media Director is a senior role actually being offered by corporate organisations, even here in the UK.

The Community Matrix

Recently I came up with a new community concept and over the last few weeks I have been working out how best to position the Community MATRIX.

It started as a LinkedIn Group which would only allow folk to hang around for 3 weeks at a time and max their connections. Great idea but a little early… I might hang out daily on LinkedIn but most people don’t and many will simply pop in every few weeks to see what’s happening in their LinkedIn world.

Next, I positioned it around C-Level Executives but these guys are focused on corporate career moves… their priority is not joining groups on LinkedIn, they have other fish to fry.

Google and others are talking agile… the best Social Media Directors on the planet are agile, they have to be, changes in technology every 30 seconds demand a flexible, agile mind to work out the best way to create, engage & rally brand fans.

Let’s see if this latest permutation resonates with the agile Social Media Directors out there…


We’re looking for 1,000 agile Social Media Directors we can make more famous than they are right now… 1,000 unique brains who see opportunities in different ways…

So if presented with product promotion opportunities would you come up with 20 ways to make each product more famous than it is right now? You would, you’d best join…


We obviously need companies of substance to bring projects for members of the Community MATRIX to pitch on… organisations with realistic budgets who also respect small businesses need paying ON TIME… too many take too long…

Companies will be willing to spend £5k+ on a single project submitted for Community MATRIX members consideration.


For an individual to be part of the Community MATRIX they need to turnover less than £100,000 per year. Organisations that turnover more generally already have their own structures in place and probably don’t need the support the Community MATRIX brings.

Social Media Directors, as individuals or teamed up with other members, pitch for projects…

Once landed, the member may choose to work together with other members or prefer to work with other partners from outside the Community MATRIX…

Community MATRIX members invoice clients direct…

Join the Community MATRIX

The technology we deploy at the Community MATRIX is agile ;) Working with best of breed established brands and new platforms that offer some smooth moves, encouraging positive, proactive participation in others.

Naturally we have a LinkedIn Group for members and companies with projects to get to know each other better… come and join in the conversations…


We’re looking for companies to “Sponsor” the Community MATRIX to underline their commitment to the cause… so as well as bringing regular projects for members to pitch on they work with us in other ways to boost their brand.

If you’d like to know more please make contact me, details below…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Community MATRIX Manager aka
Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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What does the bank of the future look like?

on 8 November, 2012 No comments as yet -

Tonight, Thursday 8th November, I’ll be attending the launch of I’ve been selected from 50m+ folk in the UK, or is that 60m+, not sure anyone truly knows the answer to that one in 2012. But all have the opportunity to earn money and then invest it how they choose…

Most people are fighting to stay afloat, to pay the basic bills because the bankers are saving the government’s money, given to them on our behalf, so they can meet their own lending commitments. They come up with risk factors to fob us off but the truth is they are not in a good place… Lord James of Blackheath: 15 Trillion Dollar Fraud Exposed in UK Parliament in February…

So how about, rather than lending any spare you have to the banks to invest for their own ends, you choose to make a variety of different decisions based on your own criteria… you could have a formula as long as your arm or you could just simply like the way someone smiles in their video and say to yourself, they can have a donation of £20 or I’ll invest £1000 and take the H for “happy” option…

I’m not sure that is a nursery rhyme you’ll find on the Music Bus but you get the point… crowd funding is the future and is part of that new dawn…


  • You know how it’s very hard to raise finance for your business or project and even harder to invest in private businesses today?
  • was launched to get more finance in to the hands of the entrepreneurs, businesses and project creators that deserve it… at the same time we want to break down the restrictive costs and bureaucracy that investors used to have to go through when they invested in private businesses before
  • We are offering you a new way to invest small and large sums of money in a way where you can see exactly who it goes to.
    Manage a portfolio of investments in businesses run by real people that offer you the opportunity for rewards, capital growth & monthly income.

    Ever thought of investing in an idea that connects you with your children?

    What can you get for investing in a rock band…

    Raise finance from a crowd of donors & investors in exchange for offering them rewards, equity and interest

    Build your Social Capital score for your future.

    See you in the future ;)

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    Social Media Directors focus on bringing teams of Social Media Directors together to help create engaging community gift based crowd funding projects that result in success for all concerned. LinkedIn training and LinkedIn courses across the UK.