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What do you get when you blend Yahoo, Starbucks, social media & a Sleepy Skunk?

on 2 April, 2013 No comments as yet -

A brilliant insight into the modern world of job interviews, highs, lows, perceptions & heightened egos… If a sleepy skunk knows you’ve “crashed and burned” then wake up and smell the coffee Mr Interviewee, you’re in Starbucks but you ain’t gunna be a star, better save that buck for the tram home dude ;)

the sleepy skunk

Just watching the Big ReUnion gig on TV and thought I’d check responses to my recent auto tweets… I do love those little chaps pinging notes out around the world just waiting for an insightful response. Today I wasn’t disappointed, The Sleepy Skunk responded and I read his timeline… what fun, listening into an interview at the next table…

This is how all Social Media Director interviews should be conducted… the comments tweeted and the best candidate gets the most RTs… enjoy this timeline and go show The Sleepy Skunk your appreciation by following him on Twitter and telling him what movies you’d like to see next…

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Sitting at a Starbucks and there’s a big job interview right behind me and it’s going horribly wrong! cc @katerbland

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
It’s to be a social media director with Yahoo! The guy was giving out ace answers but now he just repeated one of them… twice.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Inappropriate comment made about facebook being for teenagers or adults “who don’t have a life”. That was followed by an awkward silence.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Oh shit, she’s wrapping it up already but now he’s got prepared questions and is insisting on them.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
“What are the top ten things that you are looking for in an ideal candidate?” he says. She looks like she needs someone to help her escape

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
He now turned his question into an answer and is rambling about “the glory days of email spam”. She just looked at her watch.

My auto-tweet kicks in… Jonathan L Davey SMD ‏@2020socialmedia 1h
@sleepyskunk Are you looking for a Social Media Director? Take a look at

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
@2020socialmedia No Jonathan. I am live-tweeting a brutal interview happening right next to me in a Starbucks downtown Toronto, Canada.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Oh shit, he just asked if he can work from home and she said she doesn’t believe in that. The last pin in the coffin!

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
Now he sounds completely oblivious to the fact that she has no interest in his answers. The dude is interviewing himself.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 1h
They’re talking about YouTube now. He just brought up the the April Fools prank about shutting down all videos and how he fell for it.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 57m
It’s a wrap! She just left and he’s sitting there alone playing on his phone.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 53m
He’s now talking to his buddy saying he nailed the interview. I thought tweeting about this would be funny, but now it’s just sad.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 52m
Being a social media director at Yahoo… that’s like trying to pick up girls at an undergrad keg party when you’re 50.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 51m
He didn’t say that by the way, that was my personal thought on the position itself.

The Sleepy Skunk ‏@sleepyskunk 51m
Feeling a bit depressed now… tough world out there.

BRILLIANT… cheery up stinky!

Thank you for great content for my first story for April.


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Twitter trainers building walls around their ivory towers!

on 7 March, 2013 1 comment so far -

I’m loving using auto-tweets on Twitter to say hello to new people who say something relevant to my world… but some twitter trainers prefer to build walls around their ivory towers to avoid actual real time social media engagement! They must be from the marketing department ;)

Most recipients of my auto-tweets obviously don’t respond, they just click through to the articles, scan them and continue on their life journey…

Of those that respond, 80% are positive and happy to make a new acquaintance… but there are 20% who throw some form of negative response back. I assume they attended a Twitter course run by a marketing person who hates the thought of actually having a proper conversation, they’d much rather keep their distance and position some marketing spiel as thought leadership instead.

Me, I come from a sales background and enjoy the banter of real life conversations. I love it when someone has an opposite opinion but is solid enough in their belief that they can have a proper conversation about it… but it does annoy me when some Twitter Negative Twit (TNT) throws over a “You can’t spam me with your stuff ‘cos I know way more than you about engagement. I’m in Marketing and have a degree don’t you know!”

Yawn, yawn… it’s not so much their comment, it’s when they block me from responding back… they throw over the dynamite and then build a wall quick, just in case they might get an intelligent response back that they’d have to deal with.

I’ll lock and load a few of those responses later, need to go put the tea on before the Mrs gets back and there’s another explosion ;)

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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Prepare to be AMAZED… the perfect accessory for those that get things done…

on 30 January, 2013 No comments as yet -

This morning I received a surprise gift in the post, it made me laugh and so it felt very appropriate to shoot a video of something amazing for your viewing pleasure…

First off, the video introduction… prepare to be amazed…

Which is then followed by the process in action… boosting your social media influence…

OK, so if I was a video editor then I could blend the two together but I’m not, so let’s have 2 videos and therefore 2 opportunities to bump into like minded folk ;)

In summary, for those who would rather read than enjoy the videos. If you want to maximise your social media influence then use auto-tweets to engage with those on Twitter, encouraging them to comment on your blog… if the topic is interesting, as you generate more tweets this will result in more comments and thus increase the relevance of the page, ensuring it flies high on the search engines.

Here are three easy steps to take, following on from watching the videos:

Firstly… go buy stuff for all those amazing people in your life!

Secondly… add your comment to our measuring social influence blog post…

Thirdly… call me and let’s work out how I can help you shine a little brighter and have more influence in your world.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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Social Media Engagement… Get Your Heart Racing at Windsor Racecourse Business EXPO

on 25 January, 2013 1 comment so far -

Millions of people are engaging on social media platforms in 2013, with millions more looking on asking, “What’s the point of social media, what have I got to say that anyone is going to find remotely interesting?”

In the words of one famous magician, the response might be, “Not a lot!”

Then again, maybe you just have something others would like to hear… my wife said to me the other day, “The emptiest vessels make the loudest noise”… not heard that phrase before so after giving her the “look”, I checked Google and Wikipedia tells us “As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers,” from the early English author William Baldwin (1550′s hence his poor grammar!).

There is certainly plenty of social media noise, lots of babbling going on… what we require, to take social to the next level of maturity, is for those with insightful comments to feel inspired to step forward and add their two penneth to the conversation. Those that can add some value and in so doing make themselves known to a wider audience… although, for many, that’s the bit they don’t want and so don’t engage in the first place!

In the days of Baldwin you might be known by 50 people in the local area… in 2013 this can be 1000+ in the blink of an eye… and before the day is out 1,000,000+ might hear your words… should they be witty enough ;)

So we need to get a few hearts racing, people inspired to take that next step…

On Thursday 13th June, a week before Royal Ascot, at Windsor Racecourse the Thames Valley EXPO will be taking place and a few of the speakers have been announced… Brad Burton, Warren Cass and Jon Davey…

Brad certainly knows how to tell a good story… we captured this last year… careful ladies, he’s a bit of a charmer…

Warren will tell you about his favourite subject and as for a our very own Jon Davey…

All these three guys have pioneered a path that others feared to tread but have, once at the party, leveraged for their own ends… worth a couple of hours of your time to come and see if they ignite a spark in your mind… hopefully leaving you wanting more…

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the day… hopefully we’ll help you see the value of taking those first steps into social media engagement… this could get your heart racing… but that could simply be the fillies in their short skirts on what is bound to be a beautiful summers day in June ;)

If you are planning on joining us or have seen Brad, Warren or Jon present before and would like to share a few thoughts, do add them to the comments below…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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Selling & generating business leads in 2013 compared with 1993

on 21 January, 2013 3 comments so far -

What are the differences between selling & generating business leads in 1993 compared with 2013? The world keeps spinning on its access, no change there then… we all need to eat, although Wagon Wheels aren’t what they once were ;)

In 1993 I was working for Vistakon, part of Johnson & Johnson, selling Acuvue disposable contact lenses to opticians in the north of England. My original patch had been the M62 to Scotland but with the recent promotion of my Scottish colleague into management, I was asked to launch the 1-Day lens in Scotland…

Opticians are professionals and so that meant the majority were more concerned with the health of their patients than simply making a pile of cash… I’m not involved in that market these days but I like to think that is still the case.

I had a car phone & a Renault Laguna which allowed me to drive up to Aberdeen & Inverness in the north, Newcastle in the south, Edinburgh to the East and Ayr to the West… guess where I was living!

I’d built a database using Access 1 to help me with my call cycle… this was a new patch and I needed to understand the account profiles and so building a system that allowed me to manage my connections made a great deal of sense. This way I could identify the key account in an area, make an appointment with them and then drop in on the others to say hello, only making fixed appointments where necessary.

While covering my previous patch I was able to encourage the professionals gently towards fitting Acuvue and only needed to make appointments with 2 accounts out of 200 I set up… I’d launched the original Acuvue disposable contact lens in the north of England.

One media campaign in The Yorkshire Post involved encouraging 50 opticians to spend £30 each to be part of the advertorial… I match funded this and we had 3 or 4 insertions in the paper… the advertorial won Best Co-operative Advertising Campaign for United Newspaper Group… this would have been around 1990… I still need to chase up a copy of that award, so if you know someone who can help, do connect us… thank you.

I had gained the trust of the opticians by calling on them regularly, not ramming my message down their throats but simply building the relationship which saw them try a pair on a patient and evaluate the benefits for them… if it worked, they’d try another… and then another until 6-9-12 months later they were convinced that Acuvue had a place in their practice… if they were commercially minded then they would fit loads because the profit margin was very good.

In 2003 I had been running my own business for 4-5 years and was banging the doors of marketing & PR companies about the benefits of email marketing as a great marketing tool and the fact that the click through tracking provided the sales team with evidence of interest in a product or service. Back then, if you immediately followed through with a phone call, they would have thought it the work of the devil… leaving it a couple of days was seen to be the balanced approach… today you need to be calling them while they are thinking about it, as they click and it is fresh in their mind!

Html emails offered the ability to send a quality email, with pictures, for the viewers enjoyment… today these same emails are seen very much as an intrusion into someone’s day… we are really at a point of information overload… trying to please all the people all the time and therefore we only want essential messages coming through to our email accounts.

In 2013… I have spent the last couple of years preaching social media and still many are reluctant to join in… it’s less an age thing and more a resistance to change within each and every one of us. Those who just love the sound of their own voice will dive into tools like Twitter and share far and wide… younger people are using it to share their next move so others can join them mentally or physically!

If you have fun products then sharing them on Facebook makes sense as that has been the fun place to be… although as the accountants have moved in and egos have taken over, the people are looking for somewhere new to go and hang out…

LinkedIn is the best social media business tool in the box as it allows people to communicate in groups, connect directly and share their latest business moves in real time… other members can then log in as their time or their preference allows and review the moves of others while considering discussion topics and sharing opinions.

If you are looking for a new job, LinkedIn allows companies to share their profiles and promote job opportunities to their huge database… 11-12 million members in the UK means that most business professionals are choosing to at least add a few words about themselves on the platform, making it the most logical place to go and find fresh talent.

As well as new employees, the platform also allows you to search for your perfect customer… what is the profile of your perfect customer? What do they want to know about you, if they choose to click through on your profile image? You’d best make it clear and engaging… see what you think of my profile…

So how is selling and business lead generation in 2013 different, compared with 1993?

Technology, rather than giving us more time, has increased the urgency within us to deliver… if not for our own gratification, to meet the expectations of our mangers and in turn theirs.

If people are able both mentally & practically able to make a decision on a subject quickly then fantastic, away we go… but if they are middle management, with more than one master to please, then this could be an arduous task as their priorities are changed daily… is that any different to 1993? Faster and less personal comes to mind…

The upside is the key decision maker will have a full diary and therefore as they, as individuals, become more comfortable with technology, they will be happy to review online, rather than in person, make a decision and catch up at the relevant industry award dinners!

Most simple products and services can be sourced online and so ensure your e-commerce system is the smoothest it can possibly be to make that straight forward purchase, straight forward.

Use social platforms… make them work for you, creating, building and strengthening relationships with those around you.

  • My own preference is to use Twitter for saying hello to strangers using auto-tweets… a technique frowned on by “social media experts” but actually appreciated by recipients… assuming it is written in a pleasing way.
  • Facebook I currently use very little but that might change as I look to re-launch our “On this day in history” website… that will be fun products. This will also require me to explore the latest kid on the block, Pinterest… used by rich American women and many blokes in the UK!
  • LinkedIn is the platform I spend most of my time on… a survey I’m conducting is indicating that while many pop in a few times a day, those popping in a couple of times a week are coming through strongly (the survey is only 1 week old, got it open for 6 weeks).
  • On balance the best piece of advice I can give you in 2013 is to ensure your LinkedIn Profile is saying who you are and what you can do for another… this way, when that perfect client comes virtually walking by, they will have no choice but to make a connection… and as they say, the rest will be history ;)

    People still deal with people… they just make decisions more quickly… so best make sure you are talking to the right person at the right time!

    Also, make sure you add your two penneth on the difference between 1993 & 2013 to the comments below… this site has great SEO and so adding comments will enhance your own… assuming you need a little pull up the rankings ;)

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    Social Media Award of the Week ending 19th Jan 2013

    on 21 January, 2013 No comments as yet -

    This week’s Social Media Award of the Week has to go to the Australian Courts for ruling that although Google doesn’t technically publish content because computers are doing all the work… if asked to remove links then they should oblige and respect the wishes of the individual not wishing to be indexed.

    “But that would mean we’d have to do some work… Google guys want to hang in the labs, not do real work!” one insider was heard to moan when the announcement came in.

    The Guardian reported at the end of November, “Milorad Trkulja, a music promoter, took action against Google over material online, which linked him with criminal figures in Melbourne. Trkulja has never been involved in any criminal activity, but was unfortunate enough to have been shot in a restaurant in 2004.”

    It reminded me of the case of Richard O’Dwyer, the student wanted for extradition by the USA and initially signed off by Theresa May MP, who was simply adding links to sources of TV content… he didn’t publish the content… oh, yeah, but he manually added links so I guess that makes him an evil criminal! It was his mum who sorted that out, as all good mums do…

    The only reason the yanks wanted him was because he’d made a few quid out of it… so I guess he paid tax in the UK but that’s not good enough for the Americans? The only reason Google have been able to get away with it is because they have bigger lawyers and as we have seen from Big Brother, “USA are best, the greatest, they offer freedom”… mmmm well done Australia.

    Everyone loves to win a Social Media Award… so we thought we’d make it more fun in 2013… we’ll give out a social media award of some description every week… if you want to be a winner then you’d better tell us why ;)

    Every week I’ll shine a light on a social media campaign that made laugh or cry! Or it might be a thought that grabs my attention, something I think you should ponder…

    You need to tweet @jondavey with the reason why you and yours should be a winner… or complete our contact us form with a few words…

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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