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Orpington Tweet Up

on 14 April, 2013 No comments as yet -

Orpington Tweet Up – FREE Social Media event
Date: Thursday 18 April at 7pm
Venue: Serenity, 25 High Street, Green Street Green, Orpington BR6 6BG

The first ever Orpington Tweet Up on Tuesday 5th February 2013 was a gathering of people local to Orpington who are interested in the use of social media to better bring our community together and to help local businesses and local charities to be better known and used.

It took place from 7pm in the upstairs of the Gesti restaurant (now sadly closed down) in Orpington. The owner, Guiseppe, who took part in the meeting, kindly provided the room and free coffee, tea and biscuits.

Come join us…

Margot Rohan

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12 Steps to Social Media Success

on 13 April, 2013 No comments as yet -

Amanda Kennedy – 12 Steps to Social Media Success 23rd April 2013 12:30PM – 2:00PM Salisbury Big Business Event: Free advice for all businesses @ Salisbury Guildhall

**Places limited, please book here**

Amanda KennedyIf you are baffled by social media, then make sure you register now for our fantastic FREE seminar with Social Media Queen Amanda Kennedy on Tuesday 23rd April at 12.30pm.

If you want to know how to use Facebook and Twitter to help you create brand awareness, build relationships and increase your sales then Amanda has the formula for you.

Her 12 steps to social media success will give you the knowledge to use your social media accounts successfully; eliminating any fear, saving you time and making it fun for you!

Amanda runs Kennedy PR and helps clients with social media marketing, content marketing (blogging) and search engine optimization. Amanda’s passion for online marketing shines through in each training session or speaking gig she runs, and has helped 100’s of businesses market themselves successfully across the social media platforms, eliminating any worries and creating excitement.

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The Future of Berkshire Business

on 12 April, 2013 No comments as yet -

Berkshire businesses will ultimately make their own future, as will all business men and women across the UK. The large media companies have tried to control the roost but their influence is waning… welcome to the new world of shared independent thoughts creating our community reality, not some faceless corporatocracy.

BinB LinkedIn FaceBook Twitter

Obviously there are a few major publications that are attempting to create a stink about social media and the power of the people to say what they think because it directly impacts on their ability to control our thoughts. If social is seen as “bad” then folk stop using it and they sell more corporate spin in their papers.

Recently, an article I spotted on Hootsuite talked about how Netfilx CEO shared their latest viewing figures on Twitter saw their share price jump 6.2% in a day… a winner! So what about that £20,000 ad in the Financial Times that wasn’t needed?

Downside, Paris Brown was ripped apart by The Mail on Sunday and resigned her post. Personally I think she should have stood firm but it’s difficult when all around you are concerned with their own positions.

Keith Vaz said he believed her views were “incompatible with holding office”… yeah right, so how did you keep your job after this? Glass houses!

I used Twitter to ask Ann Barnes the question I thought was relevant…

Jonathan L Davey SMD @2020socialmedia 9 Apr
@AnnBarnesKPCC the youth of Kent need to be asked what they think… if they show support would she have the choice to retract resignation?

Ann Barnes PCC ‏@AnnBarnesKPCC 10 Apr
@2020socialmedia Paris’s decision was made after a great deal of thought and we are all now looking to move forward from this.

So that’s that, newspapers win the day…

On Tuesday 16th April the local Berkshire Media Group (BMG) are holding an exhibition at The Madejski Stadium, I’m supporting one of my clients, Verbatim The Phone Answering Service and have been banging the drum to drive awareness that they’ll be in the house.

Last year I had been part of the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership business group… but wasn’t asked to re-join after the new chair was announced as BMG MD Amanda Gee. During a conversation with her she had said that she saw me as competition. Me, a sole trader, her part of a Scottish Newspaper Group that want to rule the local media.

When it comes to Keeping Trade Local, an FSB campaign, which I have championed as an FSB activist, I believe that companies need to look to their local communities and support the local businesses who have a vested interest in wider community. Their families live locally, attending local school, spending money with local retailers, the few that are left!

Allowing big companies to tell us what’s what is naive. They juggle their financial legal structures for the benefit of a few shareholders who are probably sitting on a sunny beach drinking tequila.

It’s time to invest in local news created by local people with no bigger agenda, just a local one… long live social media… long live sole traders… long live all the small independent news producers around Berkshire…

Farewell corporate media control, welcome shared independent thought… that’s the future of Berkshire business.

In my opinion anyway, sure the local media will be hoping for a different outcome!

If you want to read what some folk believe is happening to the global financial systems then a good source of current information is the Scientific Democracy GB LinkedIn Group… interesting reading offering another side of the coin. I do like to consider all sides before drawing my own conclusions, how about you?

Thank you.


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Social Media Engagement… Get Your Heart Racing at Windsor Racecourse Business EXPO

on 25 January, 2013 1 comment so far -

Millions of people are engaging on social media platforms in 2013, with millions more looking on asking, “What’s the point of social media, what have I got to say that anyone is going to find remotely interesting?”

In the words of one famous magician, the response might be, “Not a lot!”

Then again, maybe you just have something others would like to hear… my wife said to me the other day, “The emptiest vessels make the loudest noise”… not heard that phrase before so after giving her the “look”, I checked Google and Wikipedia tells us “As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers,” from the early English author William Baldwin (1550′s hence his poor grammar!).

There is certainly plenty of social media noise, lots of babbling going on… what we require, to take social to the next level of maturity, is for those with insightful comments to feel inspired to step forward and add their two penneth to the conversation. Those that can add some value and in so doing make themselves known to a wider audience… although, for many, that’s the bit they don’t want and so don’t engage in the first place!

In the days of Baldwin you might be known by 50 people in the local area… in 2013 this can be 1000+ in the blink of an eye… and before the day is out 1,000,000+ might hear your words… should they be witty enough ;)

So we need to get a few hearts racing, people inspired to take that next step…

On Thursday 13th June, a week before Royal Ascot, at Windsor Racecourse the Thames Valley EXPO will be taking place and a few of the speakers have been announced… Brad Burton, Warren Cass and Jon Davey…

Brad certainly knows how to tell a good story… we captured this last year… careful ladies, he’s a bit of a charmer…

Warren will tell you about his favourite subject and as for a our very own Jon Davey…

All these three guys have pioneered a path that others feared to tread but have, once at the party, leveraged for their own ends… worth a couple of hours of your time to come and see if they ignite a spark in your mind… hopefully leaving you wanting more…

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the day… hopefully we’ll help you see the value of taking those first steps into social media engagement… this could get your heart racing… but that could simply be the fillies in their short skirts on what is bound to be a beautiful summers day in June ;)

If you are planning on joining us or have seen Brad, Warren or Jon present before and would like to share a few thoughts, do add them to the comments below…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
01753 852904

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Will ONLY the best social media do for you?

on 10 January, 2013 No comments as yet -

If you run the best marketing agency… or the best sales lead generation company… the best PR company or the best of anything, when it comes to thinking about who to turn to for social media advice, then obviously ONLY the best social media director will do ;)

I’ve just reviewed the social media marketing solutions on offer from Social Media Directors in 2013. The links below will take you to a few words on each of our best social media services:

  • Social Media Review
  • Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
  • How to Use LinkedIn for Business
  • What is Social Media?
  • EPIC WINS with Auto Tweets
  • Not your average blog training
  • Recruitment Solutions finding People
  • Using vide to get your message across
  • And at the start of 2013 we’ll have some fun with our Social Media Awards… if you spot something that looks like fun, share it with us and we’ll shine a light on the best social media.

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    The Wisest Social Media LinkedIn Connections Christmas Cracker of a Social Influence Tip ;)

    on 14 December, 2012 1 comment so far -

    What is the very best, the very wisest social media LinkedIn connections Christmas cracker of a tip I can give you as we head towards Christmas 2012? Let me ask you another question… What do gold, Charles IV, social media, frankincense, innovation, LinkedIn, myrrh, Twitter and Basingstoke have in common?

    WOW, you’ll need some serious social media influence formula to work that one out between now and the New Year… let me help you speed things up a bit…

    We’re not talking Charles IV of France or Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor but Charles Saunders IV, the 4th in a line of right Charlie’s, a commodity broker from Southampton.

    Charles attended a most excellent workshop delivered by yours truly at The Innovation Centre in Basingstoke earlier today where I talked about social media, LinkedIn and how I drive 25% of my web traffic via Twitter.

    The event was organised by Richard Thayer who set up the M3 Job Club a couple of years ago when first out of work and his positive energy has created a excellent meeting ground for Charles and a bunch of other very wise men & women… well, those that rocked up for my presentation were very wise indeed ;)

    Charles connected with me after the session… he’d decided to change his photo and give LinkedIn some attention… his most recent note back to me prompted the scribbling of this article:

    “…He’s actually Charles V, My Great Gandfather down to my son all Charles. Bit unusual but family tradition.

    I suppose it’s about projecting a professional image. Serious rather than fun.

    Today’s session has certainly given me food for thought with regards to reconnecting to previous contacts who may be able to help with job search. Like you said, unhelpful folk there will always be, but you only need one person to step up and give you the intro!”

    This made me think, this time of year is fairly slow on the business front, what a perfect time to reflect and re-connect with people you haven’t spoken to for some time… a great time of the year to build your social media connections on LinkedIn.

    Thanks Charles for giving me an excellent theme for a story with a cracking Christmas title that is sure to be googled by some other wise men & women this Yuletide…

    I’d love to see 2,345 direct LinkedIn connections and Charles, being early doors, would like to have 123 connections, 1 for Gold, 2 for Frankincense, 3 for Myrrh… come and view our profiles, if you feel a connection with either of us, just say hi…

    Happy Christmas everyone ;)

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Director of Aspiration Customer Experiences
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    Social Media Directors
    01753 852904

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