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Social Media Strategies Summit 2013

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Social Media Strategies Summit, London 2013

23-24 October, 2013
Tower Hill Dexter House

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to bring you the latest social event, Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSS), London.

Whether your organisation is a start-up or a large enterprise, SMSS will provide you with relevant case study examples, interactive workshops and engaging sessions to boost your social media marketing efforts and reach your company’s business goals.

At SMSS London, you will learn how to effectively leverage your company’s social media presence, create meaningful content for marketing and maximize your lead potential. The London summit will provide attendees with emerging strategies, the latest social tools, and insights from successful social media marketing campaigns.

Over the course of two days, SMSS London offers all of the elements you need to achieve social media success!

10 Reasons to Attend SMSS London:

1) Meet and engage with innovative industry experts one-on-one
2) Gain insight into what other industry leaders are doing within the social media space
3) Understand how to validate your organisation’s social media efforts with ROI
4) Learn proven tactics on how to harness social media to generate leads for business growth
5) Receive advice and insight from the brightest in the field
6) Learn how to establish your brand as a social media leader on Facebook and Twitter and other important channels
7) Integrate content marketing into your social media strategy successfully
8) Learn to reach your consumers with original and engaging content
9) Maintain a positive brand reputation & effectively navigate customer service needs
10) Network with industry leading professionals

To assure attendees get the full benefit of an intimate summit, we only offer a limited number of seats. Register by 11 October and save £100!

Visit the website: or contact Alexis Kalmar at or call +44 1225 462 298 for a brochure.

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Using LinkedIn for Business Success

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Upcoming LinkedIn Training schedule

LinkedIn training

LinkedIn Training (London Public Workshops)
Using LinkedIn for Business Success – Thursday 18th July [09.00 start]
LinkedIn for Recruiters – Thursday 18th July [13.30 start]

LinkedIn Training (Manchester Public Workshops)
Using LinkedIn for Business Success – Monday 22nd July [09.00 start]
LinkedIn for Recruiters – Monday 22nd July [13.30 start]

LinkedIn Training (Bristol Public Workshops)
Using LinkedIn for Business Success – Wednesday 17th July [09.00 start]

LinkedIn Training (Northampton Public Workshops)
Using LinkedIn for Business Success – Tuesday 30th July 2013 [09.00 start]

LinkedIn Training (Staines Public Workshops)
Using LinkedIn for Business Success – Wednesday 10th July 2013 [09.00 start]

The “Using LinkedIn for Business Success” sessions are for business people in general, sales and marketing teams and individuals looking to use LinkedIn to better effect. The “LinkedIn for Recruiters” sessions are aimed at recruitment and HR teams, both internal teams and external recruitment agencies.

In both courses, we offer:

  • Half-day workshop covering Using LinkedIn for Business Success or LinkedIn for Recruiters
  • Handout pack containing full slide pack for note taking
  • Document covering LinkedIn Profile Setup & Optimisation
  • Document covering the Settings to use ‘Best Practice’ on LinkedIn
  • 3 months email support (for any follow up questions while putting the contents of the session into practice)
  • Find out more and book your place…

    Thank you.

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    Humber Business Week

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    Humber Business Week (Biz Week), the world’s largest festival of business now going into its 9th year, showcases the impressive industry talents this great region has to offer and, over the years, has seen hundreds of events inspire and educate tens of thousands of people within the Humber and beyond.

    Founded by Mike Firth and Dr Paul Sewell OBE in 2004, the Biz Week baton was passed on to a dedicated steering group in 2011. The team has taken the great achievements of its predecessors, emulated its impressive history and seen it grow with the vital support of sponsors and event holders.

    More than 7,000 delegates attended Biz Week events in 2012 in what was hailed as a huge success with many event holders returning to run bigger and better events this year. Success came in all shapes and sizes with some quoting it as an impressive way to highlight that Hull & Humber is “open for business” while others confirmed Biz Week as “an opportunity for businesses to acquire new knowledge, gain better understanding and insights into key development and also to improve their networks.”

    3rd – 7th June… find out what’s happening…

    A variety of event holders work together each year to develop a diverse programme that will meet the needs and interests of a range of delegates. Events include: breakfast meetings, keynote speaker lunches, expos, conferences, workshops, tours, celebration receptions, and even inter-company sporting tournaments!

    Biz Week traditionally culminates with the Yorkshire International Business Convention. Over the past few years an incredible line-up of speakers has included: Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir David Frost, Elle MacPherson, Bob Geldof, Rev Jessie Jackson, Colin Powell, Dave Stewart, John Cleese and William Hague.

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    Integrated digital marketing strategy seminar

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    Integrated digital marketing strategy seminar hosted by Brightpath. Learn how to use content marketing as part ofan integrated SEO, social and PR marketing strategy. We will look individually at the following topics.

    • SEO in the age of Google Penguin and Google Panda
    • Building an audience on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn
    • Tips and tricks for generating more reach on search engines and bringing in more traffic from referrals
    • Link building – the dos and don’t of guest blogging.

    Who should attend this event

    June 25, 2013 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

    Westminster Quaker Meeting House
    8 Hop Gardens, off St Martin’s Lane
    London, England WC2N 4EH

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    Social Media – Make it work for your business

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    Social Media – What’s all the fuss about? Social media is the hot topic in marketing today but what’s all the fuss about and how can you make LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter work for your business?

    This seminar will demystify the world of social media and offer top tips and practical information about how you can use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help drive sales for your business.

    Our expert speaker, Linda Parkinson Hardman of Internet Mentor, is a social media strategist, trainer, coach and blogger. She is also the author of “LinkedIn Made Easy: Business social networking simplified”, the Amazon UK best seller.

    This seminar is for social media virgins and anyone who has put a toe in the water but is still unsure about whether they are really reaping the rewards.

    Thanks to the support of the Sowing Seeds Local Action Group we are able to make this seminar available to rural businesses in North and East Dorset at the very low cost of £10 per delegate.

    Book your seat…

    4 June 9.15-1.00

    The Exchange
    Old Market Hill
    Sturminster Newton, Dorset
    DT10 1FH

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    Social Media Engagement FOR SMEs ONLY

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    Have you got the plumbs to give auto-tweeting a try as part of your social media engagement or would you rather be a sheep and follow the corporate crowd, even though you are an SME with a completely different type of business?

    If you asked 100 Social Media Directors what they think of auto-tweeting, most will say, “Oh NO, you shouldn’t do that, it’s not authentic.” Ask them have they tried it and they’ll say, “Oh NO, you shouldn’t do that, it’s not authentic.” Ask them why and they’ll say, “Oh No, you shouldn’t do that, it’s not authentic.” All a little repetitive with no original individual thought in sight… which seems to be the pattern, they are more likely to follow others rather than lead the way…

    Personally, I like to try things for myself and see the results with my own eyes… this way I can say what I think of a technique from a position of knowledge rather than hearsay.

    They may site one or two examples of corporate brands using auto-tweets and a handful of customer’s tweeting their objection, a line being drawn in the sand as it is determined that because it doesn’t work for corporates, it doesn’t work for SMEs… what nonsense! They couldn’t be further from the reality… here a few facts…

    Auto-tweets drive 40% of my website visitors, they have been directly responsible for a meeting with a global marketing manager at Microsoft, an opportunity with LinkedIn, a short contract with IBM and thousands of business owners who didn’t know me from Adam are now aware of my existence on the planet…

    Corporate brands have fans, they’ve spent many years building products into brands and any Marketing Director on a six figure salary is unlikely to want to be responsible for any drop in share price. Any negative comments that can be easily shared via social media are a brand manager’s worst nightmare and so to avoid any chance of anything happening on their watch they will opt to stay out of the spot light that auto tweets can and will create.

    Small businesses really don’t have that issue… will your walls tumble in if you have a negative tweet? Consider another 500 business people, with an interest in what you offer, knowing you exist EACH MONTH… is that worth the odd negative response? Personally I think it is SOOOOO worth it… do you?

    If you’d like to hear how I use auto-tweets to say hello to strangers, then book for my session at the Thames Valley Business EXPO, Windsor Racecourse on 13th June 2012.

    I will share my 18 months of experience using auto-tweets and not using auto-tweets to drive traffic to two different websites and the results they have generated. You can then consider my findings, reflect on your own situation and decide that either your ego couldn’t stand any negative feedback or that a few negative comments are more than offset by the positive feedback and new connections you may make on the way…

    See you next month…

    Thank you.


    Jonathan L Davey
    07717 820823

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    Social Media Directors run Social Media Training and Social Media Courses as well as delivering Social Media Workshops. Onsite training is done nationally, but the social media training courses run near London in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire focussing on locations such as Reading, Guildford and Bracknell. LinkedIn training and LinkedIn courses across the UK.