Will ONLY the best social media do for you?

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If you run the best marketing agency… or the best sales lead generation company… the best PR company or the best of anything, when it comes to thinking about who to turn to for social media advice, then obviously ONLY the best social media director will do ;)

I’ve just reviewed the social media marketing solutions on offer from Social Media Directors in 2013. The links below will take you to a few words on each of our best social media services:

  • Social Media Review
  • Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
  • How to Use LinkedIn for Business
  • What is Social Media?
  • EPIC WINS with Auto Tweets
  • Not your average blog training
  • Recruitment Solutions finding People
  • Using vide to get your message across
  • And at the start of 2013 we’ll have some fun with our Social Media Awards… if you spot something that looks like fun, share it with us and we’ll shine a light on the best social media.

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing for Web 2.0
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    Sales & Marketing Manager 2.0

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    Jon Davey Sales & Marketing Manager 2.0
    Tel: 01753 852904 ~ 07881 744495
    Email: jon@socialmediadirectors.co.uk
    LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/jondavey


    I am an intelligent, innovative, inspirational, hard working, creative thinker who engages with people online, on the phone and in real time. I’ve worked in FMCG, B2C, B2B both directly with the company and through agencies.

    I’ve been involved in the online marketing space since 1999 and with social media since it started shooting through the virtual gaps in the pavement back in 2007/8. My ear is always on the ground, listening out for better ways to engage with existing & potential clients.

    Today people can find out anything about you at the click of a mouse… you’d best make sure they aspire to be like you / your brand! I have built good rapport with my own “fan” base over the years and this lead to me being the Winner of Social Media Week’s UK Personality of the Year in February 2012. www.vote4me.org.uk

    In 2013 I feel the need to focus my abundant energies, skills and abilities on selling a product that adds value to the world. This could be physical or virtual, just so long as it does something that people / businesses need and can allow me to focus and work out how to beat any targets… thank you…

    If you need someone who gets things done to come and make a difference at your organisation then let’s meet for a coffee and work out if we can help each other.

    Jon Davey Sales & Marketing Manager 2.0 : Some ideas 4U…

    Thank you.


    1999 – Present LiaiseOnline Limited, Managing Director

    I have been working with clients both large and small, mainly small, generating business online. Working with over 700 customers in the last 13 years…

    • I started by building static websites
    • Built a very successful re-seller email marketing business
    • Developed an online community with very strong SEO and highly ranking pages delivering millions of page views each year under Business in Berkshire
    • Social Media Directors expanded to include today’s key social media platforms, focussing on LinkedIn as the main B2B community & business research platform
    • Tweaking as I go, with new platforms exploding into existing every day, being a social media strategist, taking the bigger picture and advising on which direction to head in
    • My ultimate goal in 2012-13 is around building communities both on and offline.

    Career Highlights

    • Landing large corporate organisations like EMAP and Ogilvy as clients
    • Launching our Business in Berkshire content management system in 2004 and getting 500 people to complete a 30 question survey… impossible today
    • Organising a joint event with Business Link that gave us 79 square metres of floor space at Internet World EXPO… in June 2012 we ran a local B2B EXPO
    • Generating 5,000,000 page views in a year for one website
    • Winning the Creative Business Champion Award from Slough Council
    • Hearing directly from one client we’d generated over £100,000 in sales for them
    • More recently winning Social Media Week’s UK Personality of the Year 2012
    • Which lead to being asked to help manage a couple of IBM’s LinkedIn Groups.

    What I can bring to your organisation is an amazing wealth of experience. Please read about a selection of the projects I have worked on over the years…

    IBM Community Manager
    Offered consultancy and shared some thoughts & ideas on how to manage two of IBM’s LinkedIn Group; I.T. Perspectives and the MSP Forum. Focus of my energy is on helping them drive new members.

    Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group
    We have over 1700, mainly local business men and women in the group. Stats for the early November 2012 show 9 new discussions posted with 60 comments made… that’s social media engagement. I came up with a LinkedIn Core Group Metric, see www.LICGM.co.uk

    LinkedIn Workshops – professional training for senior decision makers
    Over 100 people have attended our LinkedIn workshops over the last 18 months and we have created the must attend workshop for those that don’t like second best, preferring the comfort of a quality hotel, a professional trainer, a first class lunch and FREE parking in Windsor. Please review www.howtouselinkedin.co.uk for the latest information.

    Business in Berkshire EXPO – 21st June 2012
    Over 350 business people attended our EXPO. 54 exhibitors took part and many reported positive results when we did a post show survey… many sighting LinkedIn as the place they first heard about the EXPO.

    Federation of Small Business – East Berkshire Committee
    On joining the FSB, the largest organisation of its kind, with over 200,000 members I was invited to join the local committee. Within a few months I became Chairman of the local branch and organised 100+ events over the 5 years I was chair. Still active on committee.

    Rotary International – Windsor & Eton Rotary Club
    I am an active member of my local Rotary Club. I sit on the Youth Committee and have led the way over the last 3 years with our Youth Speaks Competition. I feel passionate that the ability to get your thoughts across with structure & passion is more powerful than any O Level.

    Focal Point Advertising – creating of multiple company pages
    Four years ago we created six BinB websites for Focal Point Advertising, the service we now offer under our Company Pages initiative. Since they were first published they have generated over £100,000 worth of sales for Richard Knight and in his own words, have helped him through the lean times. Visit www.trainstationadvertising.co.uk

    MS Society – Flash animated Easter Card
    We worked via an agency in Eton to produce an Easter card which allowed viewers to click to make a donation… very original in its day and based on our recommendation to the agency.

    EMAP – introduced to html email marketing
    We introduced Jonny Thompson of The Spring Fair to html emails and over a number of years provided the biggest show of its kind in Europe with email marketing services.

    Logitech Europe – email user
    When you get a call from an international organisation asking for help it creates a warm glow! We still provide an email solution to Logitech Europe and train their agency people.

    EXPO Systems – email reseller
    Event specialists, they work with most of the large event companies in the UK and we met them through working with EMAP when they were looking for a quality email solution. More recently we have provided Social Media training to their client facing team, run over 2 days to ensure coverage… as the show must go on!

    Amsterdam Institute of Finance – managed email
    Working with European partners can open new doors. Through an agency in Holland we were introduced to AIF and have been sending regular communications every since.

    Hotel Marketing Association – website, blog and email marketing
    When the HMA needed a cost effective managed email solution we were able to deliver. Later we created their website using our content management system and then complimented this with a WordPress blog, thus maximising news distribution using the various feeds.

    Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Awards – data gathering
    As part of the organising committee for the inaugural RBWM Awards we helped drive 1/3rd of the 100 entries the first year and provided web space, email marketing and data gathering services the second year. Cancelled due to council concerns, being seen to “waste” money!

    Business Link Berkshire – workshops, training and exhibitions
    We helped Business Link successfully drive attendance for a number of their initiatives using our BinB news platform. Worked on a programme for their own business consultants under the banner of “Smile & Dial” we encouraged them to pick up the phone, complete a survey using our systems and then follow up later. The pinnacle of our joint efforts was being part of the Internet World Show. I negotiated joint funding with Business Link and a reduced price with Internet World organisers to facilitate low cost exhibition space for around 30 Berkshire businesses over 3 days, taking up 79 square metres of floor space at the show.

    Creative Business Champion – working with local councils
    For Slough council I coached young creatives in the art of email and online marketing which led to being awarded the prize of Creative Business Champion. For Wokingham council we used our BinB platform to promote services and events to local business people. Islington Education Business Partnership brought us in to build a blog. Bob Wade, a past Mayor of Bracknell champions our news and more recently we have supported the Mayor of Windsor & Maidenhead with his own unique charity initiative.

    Mobile Phone Spare Parts – www.mobile-trade.co.uk
    With over 400 pages indexed, this site produces at least 1 lead a day for the owner who buys and sells mobile spare parts. Content is King when it comes to being found and being logical, rather than making up your own phrases, is the way to go if you want to be found most often.

    SAP Business Online (Australia) – company pages
    When we were approached by an Australian firm looking for business leads around SAP in Australia then we gave it a go. The results are improving for Australia although they are totally visible to the rest of the world! We need to try some new approaches…

    Thames Valley Innovation and Growth Team – LinkedIn training
    When Thames Valley and separately, Milton Keynes Innovation and Growth teams were looking for professional training on how to make the most of LinkedIn, Social Media Directors were found flying high, the call came in and we delivered.

    Jacuzzi – corporate annual meetings need an educational piece
    When Sundance Spas, owners of the Jacuzzi brand, were looking to educate their EMEA partners on social media and how to make the best of it, we flew to Finland.

    Invensys – workshop for senior managers
    When the senior management team recognised they could benefit from some guidance on new ways to market their business using social media, calling in Social Media Directors to give an overview in the pre-planning stages made good business sense.

    Please download my “What I Can Do For You” Presentation

    Click to download…

    What I Can Do For You

    Previous experience…
    Previously, I started my sales career with Nestle Foodservice (2 years) and then went on to launch Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses (7 years) for Johnson & Johnson in the north of England, changing the mindset of professional opticians towards the way they fit contact lenses along the way.

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing Manager 2.0
    aka Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    Social Media Review 2013

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    As a busy company Director you’re probably aware of the increasingly powerful impact social media is having on driving sales for businesses like yours. As a Senior Director within an organisation you may be wondering how social media can be integrated into your sales and marketing process to improve the bottom line.

    My name is Jon Davey and I have been involved in online marketing since 1999 and in 2012 I was the lucky (or skilled) winner of Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality of the Year Award… one of only 4 prizes on offer in the UK. Social Media Week is massive in the industry… 1500 events around the world, 150 in the UK and #SMWLDN achieved over 104,000,000 mentions!

    In 2013, reflecting on my core skills, I make for a great ideas man, someone who can add some magic to your current social media engagement activities. I understand the essence of what social media can do for you… the tools you use are related to your market place and what they are choosing to use to engage online today… which is different from yesterday and so different to last week ;)

    During 2012 I changed my title from Social Media Director to Social Media Strategist to Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences… but what do any of these mean? After all, sales and marketing is what this is all about and all that has been added to the mix is social media, web 2.0 as it is known in the business…

    So how about, for 2013 we mix old and new with Sales & Marketing Manager 2.0?

    Watch my video, look into my eyes, you can see I am not full of waffle but am looking to do the best by you and your organisation. I will look at where you are at, what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve and give you my honest opinion based on my experience to date…

    In the perfect world I would love to work on a single project for 3-6-12 months and make it the best it can be… but the reality of life is that the majority of people are unsure how to harness the energy of social for positive gain, so the decision is not so clear for the directors and therefore gets put off until tomorrow…

    It is not going away, you need to take some form of action and so how about commissioning me to review your current social media engagement and offer ideas of how to move it on… at which point we can part company and you can crack on with your own people… or you can ask me manage proceedings and lead the way.

    I’d like to keep the model of pricing simple as well for 2013 so all parties know what they are getting and can measure easily.

  • £247 + VAT for the initial meeting allowing for half a day’s discussion and review.
  • £247 + VAT for 10 hours remote working
  • £247 + VAT for 5 hours onsite working at your premises
  • Please pay in advance by PayPal or request an invoice…

    Call 01753 852904 or complete the contact us form.

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing Manager 2.0
    Some may prefer Social Media Director but that might imply too much fluff for others!
    AKA Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    Workbooks Sales Director Wins Industry Accolades | Workbooks Web Based CRM

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    Jon Davey‘s insight:

    Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks.com, has won several industry accolades, resulting in a strong finish to 2012.CompTIA, the global, non-profit trade association for the IT industry, appointed Moyse to its 2013 Executive Council (EC) for the CompTIA UK Channel Community (UKCC) alongside a select number of other industry channel leaders. Moyse was also awarded two awards by Social Media Directors, an influential website that focuses on building communities and encouraging social media engagement.

    The CompTIA community is a group of leading IT vendors, distributors and solution providers who work together to facilitate networking, learning and industry change within the channel segment of the IT industry. As an executive council member of the community, Moyse will be part of the leadership team charged with ensuring the industry group meets its core objectives.

    Moyse, commented, “It is pleasing to be nominated and then elected to the council to provide input and advice to the channel community and to be given the chance to share my long-term industry channel experience to the benefit of the CompTIA membership. I also look forward to continuing to learn from the channel community about new ideas, approaches and challenges as the industry changes rapidly around us.”

    In the Social Media Director’s 2012 awards, Moyse was recognised as “Most Influential Business Person ‘Thought Leader’ on LinkedIn” and a large LinkedIn Group run by Moyse, Channel & Account Management Experts, was awarded “Best LinkedIn Group.”

    See on www.workbooks.com

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    Lucky Thirteen Social Media Strategies for 2013

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    Hi, my name is Jon Davey and I’ve been helping people build their businesses for 13 years… for thirteen years before that I was working for “the man” and after seven years of watching what has become known as “social media”, the ability to communicate easily online with other people for the purpose of business, education or just fun, it is becoming increasingly clear that all we hear from the PR machines of the BIG social media platforms is BIGGER numbers… after all we all want to be millionaires, or better still billionaires… don’t we?

    The only way to be successful in business is to LIKE it! Social Media is the answer to all your problems…

    Or is it?

    I recall being shown statistics on the relative power of the key elements of your message… I’ve just tried googling it to quote it properly but hey, too many have key worded pages for what I’m looking for, making it useless as I’m not going past page 1 in my quest for information… I’ll just pull out the key factor and make it fit the rhythm of my story…

    13% of the power of your message is in the words you use to deliver your communication… so as one little chap would say, “Not a lot!” and he owns Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough… I wonder what she would have thought of today’s technology and its ability to spread her prophesies?

    Lucky Thirteen Social Media Strategies for 2013:

    1. The key to successful social media engagement is FOCUS… if you have 13,000 “fans” but only 13 are listening then consider focusing your energy on just the 13…

    2. Hey, perhaps you could give them a call and CHAT things through? Radical!

    3. KISS – Keep it simple stupid!

    4. Create a clean, focused WEBSITE. It doesn’t have to have a fancy design, make it work for the viewer. Who is your target market? Kids who want bells & whistles or older folk who just want the basic info presented in a traditional way, in a font they can read without adjusting their settings?

    5. Have a BLOG… not because you are going to write some amazingly interesting article every day, you may hate the thought of having to put pen to paper! The aim is to use it to share the content of others and in so doing get more pages indexed for the search engines… on every page of your blog have a nice big button taking folk to your main website which is dressed accordingly.

    6. EMAIL NEWSLETTER… you can write and add your own articles to the blog to create credibility but then you may prefer to add your own pros to your main website, your place for sharing deeper thoughts with those who have a real interest in what you have to offer… rather than the 80% of folk who are simply dashing around, unsure why!

    7. If what you sell is fun then having a FACEBOOK profile makes sense… but if your are more B2B, perhaps consider just using Facebook for keeping in touch with family… until a better solution with less interested in simply selling your data to the highest bidder comes along.

    8. TWITTER is great for saying hello… it’s not really any good for meaningful conversations… use Twitter to say hello to strangers and then move them onto other more engaging platforms, like email or the phone, to add real value.

    9. Say hello using Twitter via AUTO-TWEETS! Over 60% of my own web traffic during 10 days of Christmas (22nd – 31st Dec) came via Twitter while I enjoyed the holidays… was I wrong to do it? Better ask those who responded!

    10. Polish your LINKEDIN PROFILE… present what you’d like to be doing next and see if someone can make your dream come true! In 2012 I had a number of enquiries via LinkedIn and one simple hello turned into a £6k deal… worth spending a couple of hours getting it right… and then change it weekly!

    11. Create a focussed LINKEDIN GROUP… Drill down the perfect profile of those you would like to talk to on a regular basis and consider what floats their boat… what would make them pop in once a day, week, month to see what’s going on? If you truly have their attention then they will respond when you put out a call to action. They’ll respond in their time, not yours, so allow them room and a month to catch up! Most Groups are not managed or focussed… make sure you spend quality time getting your foundations right and keep tweaking, as you do your profile. They are alive and need real time attention… not just a week of crazy enthusiasm and then nothing!

    12. GET OUT MORE… social media is social and requires you to know people a little more each day… and the best way to get to know people is to meet with them… find out where your customers gather and go join the party both on and offline. Most people will find the next opportunity through a connection who introduces the two parties… so go make connections, they don’t have to be friends, this is business and most folk like to keep the two separate so the photos don’t appear online ;)

    13. KEEP PEDDLING… None of this works in isolation and you may not be able to quantify what led to what result but just keep doing what feels right… you can and should try to measure your activities but in broad sense, you can never be sure… there is a rule of 21 which says you have to hit folk with emails, phones, face 2 face, via social networks and with paper flyers 21 times before they take you seriously… so keep peddling and with clarity of focus you’ll get to where you want to be in 2013.

    Hope that all makes good sense and if it does, perhaps I can be of some assistance helping you and yours get tuned into this Sales & Marketing 2.0 world? I’m just a phone call away… 01753 852904.

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing 2.0 Manager
    Some may prefer Social Media Director but that might imply too much fluff for others!
    AKA Director of Aspirational Customer Experiences
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    01753 852904

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you… the planet is still spinning…

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you because we are still here this 21st December 2012 at the end / beginning of the Mayan Calendar. Have a Happy Christmas and a merry New Year…

    I was going to send out an email Christmas Eve but figured today made more sense… and hopefully this will ping into your mailbox and you’ll read, enjoy and take something from of value from it… I sent my first mass email out on the 20th February 2002 to around 300 people, some are still around today over 10 years later. Thank you sticking around and clicking on a few links from time to time…

    Thank You

    I asked you last week if you wanted to say thank you to anyone, I have published those messages at the end of the email, let me start with mine…

    THANK YOU to Ali for being patient with me, for loving me for what I am and not what I should be!

    THANK YOU to Chloe & Charlie for making me smile as they grow into great people…

    THANK YOU to my mum, dad, sister and family as a whole for caring about me and mine.

    THANK YOU to anyone who knows me for being part of my world.

    And a ESPECIALLY BIG THANK YOU to whoever finds / directs me towards that perfect role for 2013 ;)

    Let me tell you a story…

    In 2008-10 I read a few books by a lady called Lorna Byrne… her latest video below…

    Go buy a copy of Lorna Byrne “Message of Hope” a thought provoking read which says we need to start working together… or we’re all screwed… simples!

    We’ve allowed the banks to rule the roost because we believe in what those in authority have told us… why should we doubt them, surely they have our best interests at heart?

    As we look around at what’s happening with the banks, how they are trying to eat all the pies, we have to remain positive and steadfast in our hope for a brighter future.

    It’s bloody difficult to stay optimistic but from what I understand about the end of one Mayan Calendar and the start of the next, we are going to become far more spiritual in our being… the grumpy one’s will obviously deny the change in themselves, the hippies will welcome it with open arms and most of us will not really notice it much…

    The key is to be open to change, think positively about what could be… be grateful & thankful for what we already have…

    If the banks collapse then what will actually happen? We’ll all be skint and so in the same boat… you may find you are growing some of your own food in your back garden… you’ll not need the car so much and so you’ll get to know your neighbours a lot better than you do right now because you’ll be walking past each other daily… we’ll start to barter again, as we did before the bankers joined the party!

    I just read a great book and I am trying to apply it to daily life… this video was made by someone who has read it… take a look…

    I do find that Mr Angry can jump out when I’m driving and some idiot does something stupid! But I am forgiving myself my lack of perfection and am working on minimising my negativity. The book is called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and is available from all good book shops. Treat someone you love to a copy this Christmas and work on your gratitude together… it’s all about saying THANK YOU 100x a day… apparently Einstein used to practice it, thanking past inventors for their work so that he could take things to the next level… how cool is that?

    A few year’s ago I bumped into a chap called the Barefoot Doctor who shot this video last year with a pal… the chorus goes… “What you focus on grows…” and this means if you only have a little money and you focus on it, giving thanks for small mercies, then it will grow. If you focus on being in debt then you will get more in debt! Bummer… so best be cheerful and smile at folk for best effects ;)

    If we want to mess it all up then dream of bombs and as the doc says, we’ll all get blown up… so letting corporate rule the roost is not a good idea, they just want to eat all the pies…

    Should we empower celebrities? Celebrity endorsements make us buy £200 trainers when those for £20 come from the same sweat shop but hey, celebs need limos man or they’d have to catch a bus!

    In a similar way, when we take the time to persuade someone to pay us for our energy, we have to pay tax which then pays for others to sit on their arses all day chasing hard working folk around the houses to fill in forms and pay more tax… there is something very wrong with that reality… not to worry, it’s changing?


    Alternatively, we buy what we need via more sustainable channels, paying an extra few pence to local suppliers who in turn source locally as best they can… be that food or for your online marketing requirements.

    I’m going to come up with my Lucky13 selection of services for 2013… Why Lucky13? Because I like rhythms around things and I need you to try harder to use my services next year rather than the other fella’s who is sourcing internationally so as to max margins and fill their boots. I might also have to charge a bit more for what I do than the local life coach come MLM reseller who also offers online marketing advise but then I don’t have the luxury of those other revenue channels.

    So please respect that it is likely that if you deal with a local business they have a ridiculously large mortgage… not through choice but simply because they felt if would be nice for each family member to have their own room… they need to charge a fee that makes account for that… and if you choose to go cheap as chips using labour in the far east then your neighbour might not be a neighbour for much longer and when you need a cup of sugar you might have to walk some distance to find someone with some to spare.

    Have a great Christmas, say thank you 100x a day, smile at everyone, especially old ladies, be grateful for whatever you get, even a cold! And in the new year, try to spend locally and help your neighbours…

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    Sales & Marketing Director 2.0
    aka Director of Aspiration Customer Experiences
    Encouraging Positive, Proactive Participation
    Social Media Directors
    01753 852904

    These guys would also like to say A BIG THANK YOU?

    Christopher Watkin • I would like to say thank you to my wife, Jo-Anne, who puts up with me through thick and thin, and whilst we are at it, my Mum as well!

    Tony Silver • I would like to thank all those that have extended the hand of friendship (incl Big Jon) over the last year. I look forward to our interactions in 2013

    Charlotte Graham-Cumming • A big thank you to our network of partners and contacts…. made a challenging year fun, interesting and profitable!

    Sarah Berrington • Thank you to you all, this has been an interesting group to be associated with – I love some of the comments even if I agreed or not. One big THANK YOU is to Jon for guiding me through the linked in mine field. Happy Christmas to you all and A Happy and properous New Year………Heres to 2013 and what if might bring!

    Alison Whistler • I’d like to thank Beth Hughes and Pinterest for giving me clarity when “stuff” tries to get in the way! (If only I could organise and find things in life like I can on Pinterest). Rediscovering Nutella has helped at times too…

    Mark May Rentahome • A big thank you to Clare McCabe for organizing my trip to Wexham Park A&E in June and hard work put in to our Slough Business Network at the Haveli Restaurant and especially to all those networkers that have helped make it a success in 2012. Looking forward to 2013.

    Brian Smith • As I’m new to here and linkedIn so have yet to be able to thank anyone, I’d like to thank Jon who I have been following

    Mitchell Gumbley • A big “thank you” to all the admins of the LinkedIn Groups, for keeping them all so inspiring…

    Nikki Ochtman • Thanks to both Karen Livingstone and June Dean for the Facebook and LinkedIn training

    Jayne JohnsonRecruitment • Thank you to all my clients around Berkshire and Oxfordshire, to my fabulous applicants, my amazing network groups and my lovely daughter for her encouragement and humour – Happy Christmas and what a great idea!

    Richard J. Francis • A big thank you to everyone who has endorsed me, used the service and shown interest in where I’m heading. Wishing you the very best in 2013 and beyond.

    Vickie Randall • I’d like to thank all our donors, volunteers and supporters at Daisy’s Dream for their support over the last year. I’d also say a big thank you to my family for all the help they give me to enable me to do the job I do!

    Clare Wright • A massive thank you to all the amazing volunteers and supporters from our business members who have helped us reach over £1,000,000 in-kind support for the Greater Reading community!

    Kevin Langley • Thank you all and please excuse the lack of cards this year, the money will be spent with some of my time in an orphanage.

    Gareth Davies • I don’t think there is anyone who I have been involved with this year that doesn’t deserve my thanks, my friends and family for keeping me sane, the people Iin my team for their effoerts and support and fellow group members for making me think and smile.

    Michele Tedeschi • A Big Thank You particularly to my Wife, Family & Friends for all the support and understanding during a difficult year. Thanks to Jon Davey for all the e mails which in their own way give support and motivation.
    I look forward to a successful 2013 for all members. Happy Christmas on and all!

    Michelle Brown • I would like to say a big “Thank You” to my clients for supporting me and my business during challenging times and helping us to thrive. And to my son for putting up with a busy stressed out Mum who spends far too many hours at her desk. Happy Christmas to all members of BinB.

    Ian Moyse ☁☁ • I would like to thank all my business partners and customers who have chosen to place business with us this year.

    Louize Clarke • Thank you to all the local businesses who helped me achieve my 2012 objective of buying as many products and services from Berkshire. I’ve met some really great people this year with a positive outlook and fighting spirit. I look forward to finding even more next year! Happy Christmas!

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