Social Media Directors work with your sales & marketing people to help bring clarity to their social media engagement, ensuring your team are best equipment to deal with the 21st Century… we particularly enjoy working 121 teaching old CEO dogs new tricks!

Social Media is not about joining 47 social media platforms and pumping out as much content as you can, as often as you can… there is a little more to it ;)

tiago oliveira e-goi social media direction

We're helping Tiago, UK Manager for Portuguese company E-goi, understand the relevance of Twitter in the UK market & we also negotiated a great Business Show EXPO stand price... what do you need help with?

In fact, the reality is that while a level of engagement is useful, the ability to tune in to relevant sources of information when you’re on a mission is way more valuable…

There are an increasing number of systems being developed to help brand managers find holes in their makeup, ensuring any potential negative brand value problems are resolved before the stock markets sniff any weakness & journalists exploit the information! While they have a place, how many companies really have a brand? Most businesses simply have products they want to sell & sales teams hungry to find new business leads.

omar leslie social media direction

Omar Leslie was employed to bring a modern twist to a print business' marketing...We mentor him, boosting his confidence, allowing him to shine...

If you’re just starting out with social or down the road a ways, we can help those involved feel more confident in their ability to use social media to generate new business opportunities for your company.

We’re also happy to help social media conference & event companies get the word out via our channels, including the Social Media Directors Network on LinkedIn.

Thank you.

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Social Media Directors run Social Media Training and Social Media Courses as well as delivering Social Media Workshops. Onsite training is done nationally, but the social media training courses run near London in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire focussing on locations such as Reading, Guildford and Bracknell. LinkedIn training and LinkedIn courses across the UK.