Social Media Directors in 2015 is looking to build a team of like-minded social media directors for community and commercial crowd funding projects

If you read the following and think, I’d like to be part of this crowd, then please say hello via Twitter @wholovesyarbaby or email jonathanldavey(@)


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Working with the Community

Social Media Directors is a community of busy social media, PR, video, sales, marketing & generally creative types that enjoy communications. They all have different preferences, skills and abilities that they are ready, willing and able to share with those that need some assistance.  By being generous of spirit, they are rewarded in more ways than one.


Passion for Great Work leads the way

It’s easy to find a slick agency who will be only too happy to help you part with your hard earned cash. Social Media Directors is different, we’re not invoice led, our people are more about doing the best job they can for the fairest fee they can obtain.  Most of our people don’t like talking money, they much rather know they are getting paid and so relax and do great work that our clients then recommend, again and again.


Community Projects – a well kept secret

For people to know that a particular community project exists the information about it needs to get out via various channels, ensuring all those that need to hear about it do so.  Communication of information in 2015 combines old fashioned face to face networking with modern social media techniques and the Social Media Directors Community Bees Project is all about bringing that community communication pollination to life ;)


Each Community Project requires:

  • A plan
  • People to verbally share the message (Networker bee)
  • Someone to get the news in the local media (PR bee)
  • Social media bees to talk to people via modern channels
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Photographic bees are needed to produce images
  • Video bees for producing quality videos
  • Blogger bees to bring those words to life
  • Influencers, those with magic powers, who will share news with their networks


CSR Funding for Projects

To have the greatest impact on awareness projects need to be funded in some way.  This might come from a number of sources or it could be from one organisation that feels an affinity with the projects outcomes.

CrowdPatch offers a zero cost platform on which to bring the project to life, a place where people can literally buy into a project, making a small or significant contribution to the well-being of their local community.


Making a Project Reality

Social Media Directors forms the hive from which all communications flow. When approached by community projects we look firstly to creating a plan.  What needs to be achieved and what resources are already in place to assist us with our journey.  We reach out via our existing media channels & networks to find those people willing to assist and then we get started on our journey.  More people are bound to join in along the highway as they hear about a project, if it resonates with them.


Rewarding Worker Bees

The fees charged will vary depending on the nature of the project.

  • Small community projects are likely to have no fees associated with them.
  • Some community projects will be supported by local business CSR budgets.
  • And because of our aggregate skill base, we’re asked to tender on pure business related projects which are likely to command the best fees for all concerned.

Not all projects will be large enough to facilitate a fee.  Our Social Media Directors will be required to engage for no fee… they will obviously choose the projects they engage with.

For those Social Media Directors who work with us on community projects we will ask them to join us on any CSR funded or business related projects that we are asked to consider.  In this way we can say thank you to those generous, like-minded souls who appreciate the way we approach business.

Social Media Directors Limited will earn fees from the CSR matching process and commercial arrangements we make with companies who look to us for quality results.


Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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